KDA Annual Conference 2022


The 2022 KDA Conference will be held on November 9 -11 at the Holiday Inn Bayside in San Diego or virtually on Zoom. While attendance at our annual conferences has greatly increased as a result of the virtual format, we have missed the personal connections and collaboration that occur when we meet in person. This first "hybrid" event will give us the best of both worlds. As always, we are planning presentations on the many facets of Kennedy's Disease: the latest information that contributes to our understanding of it, what works for those who are dealing with it, and what is being done in the research community to develop a treatment. In addition, we will conduct a Patient-Focused Drug Development Meeting in coordination with the Food and Drug Administration so that FDA can hear directly from patients, families, and caregivers about the symptoms that matter most to them and the impact of the disease on their daily lives. For more information about the conference, click here.  Preliminary Agenda, click here.


Past Conferences

KDA Conference 2021

Thank you to all the presenters and participants who made the 2021 KDA Conference a huge success. The virtual format allowed us to reach many more people in a much greater geographical area, and the quality of the talks were outstanding. Conference Agenda, click here.


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Conference Dates: Wednesday, October 14th & Thursday, October 15th. Agenda, click here. To view the Q&A from the confernce, click here.

Below are links to a few videos featuring some of the speakers that presented at the 2020 KDA Conference. 

  • Luca Zampedri, University College London, presents results of a KD patient survey "Priorities in Managing KD Symptoms" that he conducted prior to the KDA/KD-UK joint conference in 2020. To view the video, click here.
  • Physical Therapist Joseph Shrader from the NIH presented exercise recomendations for people with Kennedy's disease. To watch the videos. Click here. 

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The 2019 KDA Conference, November 13-15 at the Rosen Plaza Hotel, Orlando, FL. To view the meeting's agenda, click here. To view photo's, go to our Facebook page by clicking here.


To view the 2018 KDA conference's agenda, click here! 

2018 KDA Research Presentations

KDA 2018 Conference Attendees


 Men with Kennedy's Disease




Carriers, Wives and Significant Others 


The 2017 KDA Conference, November 8-10 at the Holiday Inn in Old Town, Alexandria, VA. To view the meeting's agenda, click here. To view photo's and some pictures, go to our Facebook page by clicking here.

2017 KDA Research Presentations



2016 KDA Research Presentations

 KDA 2016 Conference Attendees


Men with Kennedy's Disease




Carriers, Wives and Significant Others 




Previous KDA ConferencesClick-here