Upcoming KDA Annual Conference 2021

KDA Conference 2021

October 28th and 29th — SAVE THE DATE! We're going virtual one more time. Evaluations from the 2020 conference were overwhelmingly positive, with many who would not otherwise have been able to attend expressing their appreciation for the opportunity. The virtual format allowed us to reach many more people in a much greater geographical area, and the quality of the talks were outstanding. We hope to do as well or better this year. More details will be coming out soon, but for now, please put Thursday and Friday, the 28th and 29th of October, on your calendar for the 2021 KDA Conference!

Past Conferences

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Conference Dates: Wednesday, October 14th & Thursday, October 15th. Agenda, click here. To view the Q&A from the confernce, click here.

Below are links to a few videos featuring some of the speakers that presented at the 2020 KDA Conference. 

  • Conference Intro and KD-101: https://youtu.be/SIn9iKmFjWM
  • Day One Conference Summary:  https://youtu.be/m_jkxAgGB4g
  • Luca Zampedri, University College London, presents results of a KD patient survey "Priorities in Managing KD Symptoms" that he conducted prior to the KDA/KD-UK joint conference in 2020. To view the video, click here.
  • Physical Therapist Joseph Shrader from the NIH presented exercise recomendations for people with Kennedy's disease. To watch the videos. Click here. 

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The 2019 KDA Conference, November 13-15 at the Rosen Plaza Hotel, Orlando, FL. To view the meeting's agenda, click here. To view photo's, go to our Facebook page by clicking here.


To view the 2018 KDA conference's agenda, click here! 

2018 KDA Research Presentations

KD Research in London UK

Kennedy’s Disease Support Groups

Tips and Tricks for Swalling Issues with Kennedy's Disease

Jameson Parker's Tips and Tricks

Using Exercise and other Physical Therapy Interventions to Optimize Functional Mobility

Don't Forget the Women

KDA 2018 Conference Attendees


 Men with Kennedy's Disease




Carriers, Wives and Significant Others 


The 2017 KDA Conference, November 8-10 at the Holiday Inn in Old Town, Alexandria, VA. To view the meeting's agenda, click here. To view photo's and some pictures, go to our Facebook page by clicking here.

2017 KDA Research Presentations

Genetics Review and Reproductive Options in Kennedy Disease - Alice Schindler, MS & Heather Montie, PhD

PSC/CRISPR Platform at the Montreal Neurological Institute - Lenore Beitel, PhD

Kennedy Disease and Pulmonary Considerations - Noah Lechtzin, MD, MHS

Kennedy Disease 101 - Ed Meyertholen, PhD

Maximizing Functional Independence - Kathy Farrell, MS, OTR/L

Metabolic Changes in SBMA - Dr. Andy Lieberman

Nutrition and Kennedy’s disease - Marnie Dobbin, MS, RDN & Angela Kokkinis, BSN, RN

PolyQLength-Specific Engineering of a HiPSCModel of SBMA Using CRISPR-Cas9 system - Xia Feng, PhD

Silencing of Mutant AR Co-activators as a Therapeutic Approach - Manuela Basso, PhD

Speech and Swallowing in KD: Soup to Nuts - Dr. Neil C. Porter



2016 KDA Research Presentations

Understanding KD - Dr. Cynthia Jordan

Update from the NIH on KD - Dr. Kurt Fischbeck

Androgen Receptor Modifications - Dr. Janghoo Lim

Therapeutics Development for KD - Dr. Kurt Fischbeck

Excercise in KD - Dr. Christopher Grunseich

Pain Management in KD - Dr. Raghav Govindarajan

 KDA 2016 Conference Attendees


Men with Kennedy's Disease




Carriers, Wives and Significant Others 




Previous KDA ConferencesClick-here