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The Great Road Trip was a Great Success!

The little red 2CV traveled about 7,000 miles, visiting 18 cities in the United States as well as Toronto, Canada, Poundbury and London in the United Kingdom, and Milan and Rome in Italy. The 2CV’s stops in Buffalo and Philadelphia made the local TV news, and the Great Road Trip was the subject of several newspaper articles in Milan, where we were greeted by an official of the Milan City Council. Thanks to generous sponsors and donors throughout the past three months, we also met our financial goals. After expenses, the Great Road Trip raised over $100,000 for research into this devastating disease. To see photos and videos of this event, go to The Great Road Trip site by clicking here. The photo above is a picture of KDA co-founder and President Emeritus Susanne Waite with the 2CV in front of Mel's Diner in California.