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KDA Board Meeting

8:00pm Eastern Time

1. Jameson Parker provided an update on the KDA-sponsored research workshop held at Banbury on September 10 & 11, noting that it was a great investment for the KDA and that the participants are preparing a paper summarizing key points and next steps for KD research.
2. Discussed the fall fundraising campaign and made refinements to the letter that will go out to potential donors.
3. Reviewed the process for handling emails received from info@KDA and will follow up with ideas for making it more efficient.
4. Discussed the 2023 KDA grants and fellowships program but deferred decisions on approvals until next month when the SRB has completed its review process.
5. Received a briefing comparing two different donor management systems in preparation for making a change in 2024 to expand our donor base, engage corporations and foundations, track donors/donations more efficiently, and generally improve our fundraising process.
6. Discussed the results of the genetic knowledge survey and identified topics that should be included in our education initiatives, e.g., conference presentations on the inheritance pattern of the KD genetic mutation and sessions directed specifically toward the men’s and carriers’ groups.
7. Discussed problems that have arisen recently with attempts to solicit birthday donations via Facebook and determined that the best remedy is for users to direct donations to the KDA by providing a direct link to the donation page as part of their FB post.