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Exercises - Throat and Face

Exercises - Throat and Face

Throat and Face Exercises

Medical Disclaimer

The exercise information provided here is of a general nature and can not be substituted for the advice provided by a medical doctor or certified health practitioner. This information is designed for educational purposes only and must not be construed as medical advice or a professional service.  You must verify whether the information provided here is appropriate for you by checking with your doctor before you begin any extended exercising. You are solely responsible for the way that this information is perceived and utilized and do so at your own risk.

Perform each exercise 5 times.  After feeling comfortable with the exercises, perform them twice a day.

1.  Open and close mouth slowly several times. be sure the lips are all the way closed.

2.  Pucker your lips, as for a kiss, hold, then relax.

3.  Spread your lip into a big smile, hold, then relax.

4.  Pucker, hold, smile, hold.

5.  Open your mouth, then try to pucker with your mouth wide open.  Don't close your jaw.  Hold & relax.

6.  Close your lips tightly and press together.  

7.  Close your lips firmly, slurp all the saliva onto the top of your tongue.

8.  Open your mouth, stick out your tongue.  Be sure your tongue comes straight out of your mouth and doesn't go off the side.  Hold, relax and repeat several times.  Work toward sticking your tongue out farther each day, but still pointing straight ahead.

9.  Stick out your tongue and move it slowly from corner to corner of your lips. Hold in each corner, relax and repeat several times. Be sure your tongue actually touches each corner each time.

10.  Stick out your tongue and try to reach your chin with the tongue tip.  Hold at the farthest point.  

11.  Stick out your tongue and try to reach your nose with the tongue tip. Pretend you are licking a popsicle or cleaning off some jelly from your top lip.  Don't use your bottom lip or your fingers as helpers.  Hold as far up as you can reach.

12.  Use tongue blade or spoon. Stick out your tongue. Hold spoon against the tip of your tongue and try to push the spoon even farther away with your tongue while your hand is holding the spoon steadily in place. Hold the spoon like a popsicle or a sucker upright, not in your mouth.

13. Stick out your tongue. Pretend to lick a sucker moving the tongue tip from down by chin to up by nose. Go slowly and use as much movement as you can.

14.  Stick your tongue out and pull it back fast. Repeat as many times as you can and as quickly as you can.

15.  Move tongue from corner to corner as quickly as you can.

16.  Move tongue all around your lips in a circle as quickly, but as
completely as you can, touching all of both upper lip, corner, lower lip, and corner
in your circle.

17.  Open and close mouth as quickly as you can. Be sure your lips close each time.

18.  Say Ma-Ma-Ma-Ma as quickly as you can without losing the Ma sound.  Be sure there's an M and an AH each time.

19.  Say La-La-La-La as quickly and accurately as you can.

20.  Say Ka-Ka-Ka-Ka as quickly and accurately as you can.

21.  Say Kala-Kala-Kala-Kala as quickly and accurately as you can.