2002 Research

September 2002

Recent Studies Indicate Testosterone may Aggrevate Kennedy's Disease

Studies indicate that ligand, i.e. testosterone, is responsible for setting in action the toxic effects of the expanded repeat androgen receptor in KD mouse models.  This is an important finding that indicates that testosterone may NOT be a good therapy for KD. A reduction of testosterone in this mouse model of Dr. Sobue's reduced the toxic effects of the mutant androgen receptor.

However, the use of antagonists (drugs that counter the effect of testosterone) to the androgen receptor are not warranted either, as the accompanying paper on a fly model of SBMA shows that the use of antagonists that promote the transfer of the receptor into the nucleus of the cell (which testosterone does), also promotes disease symptoms. Please see the links to the files below.  They are fairly large files and may take a few minutes to download depending on your connection speed so please be patient.

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