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Topic: Open Forum  
Host: Ron Moffett  
Ron M   Hey david, howe are u
David   Hi Ron I was beginning to wonder if I missed a message on timing or location
Ron M   No, I think the summer months can be slow
David   We are doing find here is warm but not humid Cincinnati, how about you RonM?
Ron M   Doing ok. The weather has been nice and hot like I like it but even in the heat. My legs are getting weaker
Ron M   RU still walking everyday?
David   Well it looks like I will not be able to share with the group a completely finished renovation project but it should be substantially complete.
David   Yes we just finished a nice walk around the apartment complex before it gets too hot to really enjoy it.
Ron M   Sorry to hear that its taking longer than expected but I know I am interested in just hearing about it
Ron M   How far do you walk?
David   Our move back home timing has now been set for the end of October and the contractor best meet that date or I will not be responsible for what happens when he tells Margy that they need another delay.
Ron M   Funny, Its got to be frustrating. Thats just how contractors are. They rarely get projects done on time.
David   Margy mapped out a little more than 1 mile and it takes us 30+ minutes if I do not need to stop.  But today I needed a little break at about 2/3rds into the walk.
Ron M   Thats a long walk. I know my physical thereapist recommended I walk. I take 3 walks a day walking my dog. They are about 3-4 blocks in lenght
Ron M   Does your leg muscles get tight when you walk or after?
David   We both can see that they are doing very good work and part of the issue is "we" decided that it was time to do some redecorating while we have the place torn apart.  The only room that will not be updated is the kitchen.  It was updated with full gut and replace effort about 12 years ago.
Ron M   That was a smart decision. May as well get it all done at once
David   No my hips get tired especially if I forget to walk in a military fashion, shoulders  back core muscle tightened.  When I remember to do that my legs are not nearly as fatigued during and after.  Who knew how smart our mothers were when they told us to stand up straight, don't slouch!
Ron M   I will have to try it and see if that helps. Although my legs get tired even before I start walking 
Ron M   How is your daughter doing. Is she still in Chicago?
David   Well in Chicago three blocks can be a very long walk even in our daughter's neighborhood.  But I think it is a good thing you take the dog out and walk multiple times.  I think that can be better than one long walk
Ron M   Yes, I can't do a long walk. the 3 short ones work. I just like being outside. Especially when the weather is nice. We take it slow.
David   Beleive it or not those two are celebrating 4 years of marriage this week, my where has the time gone!  Mike graduated in June and is most of the way through an internship with and we hope they offer him full time employment.  His degree is in Human-Computer Interaction.
Ron M   Wow. very nice. very nice interenship. Looks like a good degree to have. r they still living in the city?
David   How is the registration for conference going so far this year?
Ron M   I think its going good. I don't track the numbers at all. Andrew is handling that. We are expecting probably the same number as last year.
David   Yes they are in the same apartment on Briar Place in the Lakeview area, just north of Lincoln Park.  I am amazed at the number of large parks the city has interspersed in their neighborhoods.  They live just three "long" blocks from Belmont Harbor Park.
Ron M   Thos are very long blocks in Chicago. I don't walk that far. My block are half the disatance. Ru going to be able to spend some time with your daughter when you come into the conference
David   We were in the area of the conference hotel for Mike's graduation day.  I hope they complete the highway construction before the conference.  have you spent any time looking at the area restaurants for our Tuesday evening dutch treat meal.  We noticed a Harry Cary in that area, a little pricey but as I understand it a Chicago classic.
David   We will certainly meet up with them after the conference but not sure about during.  Our daughter works just south of the hotel area in LaGrange Park, so Margy plans to take her out to lunch probably Wed and Thurs during the conference.  She will join us for the Thursday evening gala but otherwise plans to spend as much time as possible with her little girl.
Ron M   Harrey Carey is a Chicago classic. Its a great place. I am familiar with the area bcause I worked near there. U have harry's and Nicks Fish Market very close by. There are a few others alittle farther. I am just helping out with the conference. I sent the info to the people making the decisions. Harry's and Nick's was one of my recommendatons. I couldn't provide more because I don't know how far out in miles away from the hotel they want to go. There are some great places but you have to go about 10-15 minutes away. I am not sure what they will decide.  
Ron M   Sounds like that will work out well for your wife. Not sure how interesting the conference is for someone without KD
Ron M   I think next year I am going to get a scooter to walk my dog.  Do you have or use a scooter at all?
David   I suggest that you at least drive by the area (or discuss distances with the hotel staff) some time before they set the final plans.  Harry Carey's is within walking - rolling distance but I am not sure it would be safe enough for us KD'ers to cross those streets especially if there is still construction.  The other concern is making sure they can accomodate many wheelchairs and walkers and have truely accessible bathrooms.  However if the same people are looking into it as has been the case in prior year's they already know the questions to ask.  The only wrinkle is the construction.
Ron M   David, ru talking about the constuction on River Road or Higgins Road or Highway Construction
David   My wife attended the full conference in the Baltimore area a few years ago and some of the caregivers "needed" to vent and that was enough to dicourage her full attendance.  I suspose that will change if/when I need more assistance
Ron M   I can understand your wifes view
David   Higgins Road for sure at the intersection with US (or State Route) 45, the expressway construction around the airport would should not impact dinner plans.
Ron M   Ok. U know I haven't been in the area 4 awhile. Not sure what they are doing. I know the highway construction won't be completed but the street construction or interesection construction could be.
David   It seemed that almost every road around that AllState Arena area was under some type of construction.  The areana is where the graduation event was held and all that construction made access and egress "fun"!!!
Ron M   Construction in the Chicago are is just brutal. Around that Allstate arena particularly.
David   I was told by a long time resident that you Chicagoans have just two seasons -- Winter and Construction!
Ron M   There is a lot of truth in that. And construction is a lot worse.
David   Oh there was one interesting thing about Mike's internship, during his first week had rented out Wriggley field for the afternoon and the employees were able to play around on the field and were treated to classic ballpark food.  I sure hop he can stay with that company, they seem to take care of their staff.
Ron M   It is a good company. Wriggley field is great. I haven't been there in years. Just too hard for me to get there. A friend of mine wanted to take me to aa White Sox game. I just turned him down. I just don't have the energy to do it anymore. White Sox park is a lot easier than getting to Wriggley
David   Well RonM I enjoyed chatting with you this morning, hope you have a great rest of the weekend.  Let me know if I can be of any help regarding the conference.
Ron M   I will. I sent your name to Andrew who is chairing the event. I imagine he will be in contact with you at some point. Be well 
David   Going to Wriggley is still on our to do list but that will have to wait for another year, too much else happening this year.
David   Bye RonM