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"The KDA web site is a source of real information and even stories of other guys with the same problem. All of a sudden I was not alone, and also the information about the research going on gave me hope."

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Topic: Open Forum  
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Gary_KC   good moring. This is Gary in Kansas.
David   Good morning Gary_KC
Gary_KC   Hi David.
David   It is a bright and sunny morning in southwest Ohio today what about your area?
Gary_KC   It is a nice weather today.
Gary_KC   It looks like slow for the chat this morning.
David   Maybe everyone else is out enjoying the sunshine this morinng, excuse me I just made some fresh coffee and it's read now
David   What's new for you Gary?
Gary_KC   Well, I do not have any exciting news for me. I like warm weather becasue I can't stard for the cold weather.
Gary_KC   I have not heard any news for the KDA. Have you heard any news?
David   We are in the final preparations for our "Aging in Place" renovations.  The contractor is set to start in early June and we will move to an apartment while they frist destroy and then renew our home making it more accessible
David   I do not like cold weather either.
Gary_KC   Great!
David   As for the conference other than it being in Chicago the week of October 12th no additional news.  I was hoping Ron would be on today and could provide an update.
Gary_KC   Do you have steps in front of your house? Are you planning to have a sloop?
David   Hi TedA, what's the weather like where you live
Gary_KC   Hi TedA
TedA   Good morning
TedA   Warm in Richmond VA   High today in mid 70's
David   Gary, yes there are steps to both the front and back door, we modified the back door steps to 4 inch risers and I can handle those six steps okay for now.  But our plans include creating a new outdoor living space and a ramp running along two sides to accomodate if/when I cannot handle steps.  The other major change is a complete gut and redo of the bath to make it entirely accessible with a roll in shower
David   We are also creating a new entry from the new patio into the house.  That way we do not have to make changes to our kitchen, which was renovated before my diagnosis a little over 10 years ago
Gary_KC   David, that is nice. 
Gary_KC   Dave, you sr
Gary_KC   Dave, you are well prepared.
David   I showed the plans at last year's conference and will have pictures of the completed project at this year's conference.  Along with stories of the experience of moving out and then back in. 
Gary_KC   Dave, that's a great idea for other KD patients.
David   We think we are, we started the planning with an architect about a year ago.  And have already selected many of the new finishes and fixtures.  However niether of us understands how anyone goes thorough the process of making selections for a ground up building project.  The choices are overwhelming!
David   Have either of you adapted or planning to adapt your homes?  Would like hearing about your experience it might help us better cope with this three to four month project.
TedA   Bye for this chat as I have to be somewwhere soon.
Gary_KC   David, I moved to a barria free apartment.
David   Take care Ted until next time
Gary_KC   Bye TedA. Have a nice day.
David   We had considered that but did not find much available in our immediate area. and were very happy when the architect showed us a way to make the necessary changes to our home.
David   Are you planning to attend the conference this year?
Gary_KC   Dave, it looks like others are not attending the chat this morning. I hope you enjoy nice spring weather. Let's chat next time. Take care, please. 
David   Will do have a great day and be safe until next time bye now.
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