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Kennedy's Disease Chat Transcript  11-1-2008

Topic:  Open Forum

Host: Murray Williams


murf: morning
joshpat: hi¡
joshpat: how are u
murf: Great and you?
murf: Houston 66
joshpat: just waking up
murf: I'm on my 2nd cup of java
joshpat: i'm mexican 36 female
murf: carrier?
joshpat: english teacher
murf: Are you a carriere of KD?
murf: carrier
joshpat: but i don't have experience in it.... i mean talking
joshpat: sorry 8)
murf: this is a chat for people affected by Kennedy's disease
joshpat: no i'm not.. but my husband is
murf: ook you are more than welcome
joshpat: thanks...
joshpat: so are u married
murf: morning Joe & TJ
trailblazer: Morning to all
joshpat: hello everyone
murf: joshpat not any more
joshpat: may i ask u why?
trailblazer: Hello Joshpat
murf: she was killing me
joshpat: hi trail
joeK: Hi from NC
joshpat: how is that?¡
trailblazer: Howdy Joe
murf: joeK hows your weather?
joeK: Is this char for others?
murf: anyone with an interest in KD is welcome
joshpat: if you wish i'll go out...
joeK: Weather about 50 deg at 10:30 am
murf: there is a womans carriers others chat once a month as well
joshpat: i know this chat is for family the 2nd saturday of the month isn't it?
murf: something like that ...its on the website
joshpat: :) ok guys... may be other time.... have a nice day and God bless u..... BYE
murf: Nov 8th is the next womans chaqt
trailblazer: I will be right back time for a smoke break
murf: CYA
joshpat: THANKS
murf: Joe you don't smoke do you?
joeK: NO
murf: Me either - I can't get TJ to quit
joeK: Well you have to die fo something
murf: yup
murf: did you have lots of goblins last night?
murf: Morning CER
joeK: Murf where are you in the world?
murf: Houston TX
joeK: No youn folk in my neighborhod
murf: I didn't get any political figures at all last night
murf: Morning carofer
carofer: hi folkks
murf: Lots of candy left over
trailblazer: I had 4 trick or treaters last night
murf: Billy's kids?
joeK: How do you keep from watching the lies on TV
MikeG: hi guys
murf: an isn't it getting rediculous
carofer: i have had one t-n-t'er in 18 years here
murf: hey Mike
MikeG: hey Murf
loshimo11: Good Morning Everyone. This is Luis Shimomura joining in from a rainy San Francisco.
trailblazer: I watched the PBR rodeo finials last night from Las Vegas
MikeG: how cold is it in SF today?
murf: Welccome its sunny here in Houston and going to 88
MikeG: warmer than here,Murf
MikeG: may get to 84
loshimo11: Unusually warm. It's 67 inside the house without the heater on. It must be the overcast keeping things nice.
carofer: it's about 45 degrees hear near santa cruz ca
murf: I had a mechanical Jason & Pirate at the front door that scared a few little ones
MikeG: that's good - I don't like cold... and my hands don't like it even more!
MikeG: morning Ron
loshimo11: Just saw the weather forecast... It's 61 outside and expected to rain the whole weekend.
MikeG: :(
trailblazer: We could use some rain
murf: I also had the family of the little one come over with a camera to get pictures of the kids on my bench
carofer: good for the snow pack, anyway
murf: Warm & sunny all weekend
loshimo11: We need the rain here in California.
MikeG: us too
Gary_KC: Good morning. This is Gary Uchiyama joined from KC. It is fogy this morning.
MikeG: morning Gary
murf: Morning Gary
loshimo11: Good morning Gary_KC.
trailblazer: Hi to all
Ron: Good morning guys. Hope everyone is doing fine.
murf: Morning Ron is that you?
joeK: fall leaves lookin great here in Greensboro,NV
carofer: which kc, gary?
murf: I bet
trailblazer: Sleepless is all
joeK: corection greensboro,nc
MikeG: I've got some pretty bad low back pain today - didn't do my exercises... :(
murf: how long are you going to be awake?
Ron: Yep--its is I.
trailblazer: Take some Morphine
murf: Stretch first Mike
trailblazer: I'm struggling now Murf
Ron: What is bothering you TJ?
murf: trailblazer call me later and I'll come out
murf: He sleeps all afternoon and then can't sleep at nioght
trailblazer: Deer season started here in Texas today! Wish I could go!
trailblazer: Ron I can't sllep I don't know why
murf: go where?
trailblazer: You know I'm on Morphine now maybe thats causing it
MikeG: I couldn't even hold my 308 up if I wanted to - let alone pull the trigger...
trailblazer: Go hunting
murf: he's also trying to sell a few tickets for me :p
MikeG: or go walking in the woods!
trailblazer: No walking
trailblazer: Well are all of you getting excited about the conference?
murf: There is a lot I can't do any more ... but I don't worry about it cause there is a lot I can still do
MikeG: sure!
trailblazer: I know I am!
murf: I just had a poster 2' x 10' made
carofer: right, murf
MikeG: are you going TJ?
murf: carofer ;)
trailblazer: No but I'm excited just to see an other one come around!
MikeG: yep - you should try to go.
carofer: sounds like fun -- my first one
trailblazer: I'd like too but the energy is not ther
murf: we'll hear from a lot of the researchers at NIH on the trial this conference
MikeG: try not... do must!
murf: carofer you'll have a great time

MikeG: well, we're going to have lots of great news from this one - I'm sure!
trailblazer: I'd use the smiley faces but I don't know how!
carofer: i was unconvinced until every one of my friends, family, and life coach convinced me to attend

trailblazer: carofer where are you from?
murf: trailblazer its the smilly face just under the text here
carofer: santa cruz mountains, ca
carofer: town called felton
MikeG: Ron, you having problems this morning?
trailblazer: Yeah I see it but when I click on 1 I get numbers and other objects
terryW: Hello
murf: then just hit send ... dummy
MikeG: hey Terry
murf: Hey Terry
trailblazer: I'm sorry I just dumb I guess
CER: Mike are you the gent that talks with a young lady living in NC or maybe you e-mail????
murf: it looks like that until it goes into text
trailblazer: trying :p
murf: are you going to be up this afternoon?
MikeG: yes
terryW: I just woke up, I hate it when it stays dark
trailblazer: it works
murf: there you go
CER: Mike, we are her grandparents.....Be good to her - we love her dearly.
trailblazer: Yeah we set our clocks back one hour to night going to get dark early
Ron: Yes Mike--I was having trouble with the right side of the page--the list of people on the chat.
murf: ask ... don't try to figure out by yourself
carofer: tomorro it will be lighter at this time
MikeG: kool! She's been a great help to us.
terryW: thats good
MikeG: I head up the volunteer program for the KDA
trailblazer: Cer where are you from
CER: She dearly loves that work, however, is a bit busy with that 9 mo. old baby and working also.
MikeG: I used to work in Wilmington - actually Reigelwood.
MikeG: I bet!
CER: I say we because CER doesn't type. We are from WV. Haven't been in here for months and just took the time to get in this AM.
MikeG: we used to go to Wrightsville Beach when I had to go work during the summer. VERY NICE AREA!
MikeG: I'm very happy you did.
MikeG: I wish you could make it to the conference but I totally understand.
joeK: terry with this new page can you put some personal information about yourself?
MikeG: joeK - that's the thing we miss the most!
terryW: I don't think you can put very much info
terryW: at all
trailblazer: I'll be glad that the elections will be done next week, I'm tired of all the BS! lol
terryW: I just checked and it does not look like it has any profile info
MikeG: me2 TJ!!!
Ron: Terry--I would like to see the list of chatters and the state where they are from. Most we know but some we don't see.
trailblazer: When is the conference?
MikeG: whoever does get elected will have his plate full for 4 yrs!
murf: Ron I miss that to
murf: trailblazer Nov 19-21
trailblazer: Sure will Mike
terryW: Ron I don't think that is possible unless they put the state info in their ID
CER: Mike, she speaks highly of you. She just asked me if I knew you this past week. We have progressed to the point we don't travel anymore. A feeding tube can be inconvenient at times and eating and social life is a most enjoyable time at the conference.
Ron: We should ask them to do that.
murf: MikeG only one of them has a plate
MikeG: :)
Ron: Murf--are you doing OK?
murf: and thats all I'm going to say on that
trailblazer: I can't see how the justify spending so much money for a $400,000.00 a year job
murf: better that the last chat
CER: Wouldn't it be nice if EVERYONE could work together on the world situation and crises????????
trailblazer: Yes it would
MikeG: sure would!
murf: trailblazer its your money their spending
joeK: Maybe i'll reregister as Joe_Kerley_78+_Greensboro_NC
trailblazer: Well then they should use some to get rid of that nut Pelosi - no offense anyone
murf: joeK we used to be able to right click the names and get where they are from ... can't do that with this chat
MikeG: be careful about putting your last name in it though... web crawlers are everywhere......
carofer: pelosi, the theologian?
trailblazer: It's a beautiful day my dad is 82 today, my daughter's 6th anniversary is tomorrow and charleys 59th b-day is Monday
MikeG: the geologist
murf: joeK and that was only if the person entered the info
terryW: Hi Stan
murf: Hey Stan
Stan: Hi
joeK: sorry but Pelosi s not on my
trailblazer: Howdy Stan from Texas
terryW: I need to go, not feeling to well, updset stomach, Bye all
MikeG: take care Terry
murf: trailblazer I got charlie pegged on Facebook
trailblazer: Bye Terry
murf: C YA Terry
FL-DON: hi all
MikeG: hi Don
trailblazer: Yeah I saw it
Ron: So long Terry. Hope you feel better.
murf: Hey Don
trailblazer: Hello Mr. Don
FL-DON: conference in 3 weeks. chill the beer!!!!!!!!!!!
FL-DON: 2 weeks that is
trailblazer: Yeah I'd fly there but I'm not a bird! :}
FL-DON: amtrak
Ron: Yes you are a BIRD TJ.
trailblazer: Does that run from here
carofer: i have a few days before the conference and i could get a car and give someone a ride there if needed (i will be in md)
FL-DON: here???
murf: He could have driven with me
trailblazer: Texas - Murf I'm not sure we can ride that far
MikeG: right - after the Vegas trip... :)
murf: we did once before
trailblazer: That would be a hard trip I believe
murf: it would have been fun
murf: think +
murf: not -
carofer: i could maybe do fla but not tx
trailblazer: Yeah your right but I'm skepticial
murf: no comment
Ron: Come on TJ. It will be boring without your wit at the conference.
murf: :?
MikeG: that's right!
trailblazer: Charley was hoping we would he wanted me to follow you back in his car so he could have it back home
trailblazer: Thank's guys I love ya'll too!
murf: so your pride messed up a lot of people .... i see
trailblazer: Ya'll need to work on Billy
trailblazer: Guilt tripper
carofer: i am at NIH the week before the conf and i am just staying over to go to the conf
murf: Oh do you feel guilty?
trailblazer: that's perfect for you carofer
murf: carofer good news .... you must be the last on
trailblazer: who me feel guilty, please I'm a mountain man! :}
murf: trailblazer you have a private message to answer
trailblazer: how do you do that?
murf: valley wossy
murf: lol
loshimo11: Does anyone know what to expect to hear from Dr. Chawnshang Chang in regards his research?
carofer: i found a less excpensive hotel nearby that has kitchen
murf: same as the last one
murf: click my name (right) and message at the top
CT_Jameson: Hi all, sorry i'm late
murf: loshimo11 he will be attending
MikeG: loshimo11 - yes he will be at the conference
murf: carofer everyone that trys that regrets it later
MikeG: his J9 is our next big hope!
murf: MikeG is very exceting
Gary_KC: J9, is it ASC-J9 or others?
CT_Jameson: Is it too late to get the early bird special of $200 for the conference? The deadline was moved to Nov 1st...
MikeG: he is in Japan & China now and will bring back more news from that front for the conference.
murf: CT_Jameson we extnded it
murf: $200 at the door to
MikeG: ASC is AndroScience
loshimo11: It'll be interesting to hear what his next steps will be with the ASC-J9(?) compound.
CT_Jameson: cool...
murf: Its our economic plan
trailblazer: Guys please have a wonderful and safe day, week and all I'm got to go but your all great! Bye who knows maybe I;ll magically appear at the conference
murf: call me C YA
Ron: Hope so TJ.
trailblazer: I will Murf
Gary_KC: I found ASC-J9 was used for hair restoration.
murf: Gary_KC must affect DHT then
MikeG: yes - and cancer treatment
Ron: It would be nice for Murf if you ride wwith him to the conference.
loshimo11: I also heard that it was used for acne.
murf: Ron I'm flying now
murf: Long way to go alone
Ron: That is good for you Murf.
CT_Jameson: I'm gonna take the train
murf: CT_Jameson May be I should try that once too .. could be a beautiful trip
CT_Jameson: It is a lot shorter for me
CT_Jameson: only a 4 1/2 hour train ride
MikeG: yes, lots of hope for J9... read if you haven't already.
loshimo11: Imagine... If this ASC-J9 compound works, we'll all have a nice thick head of hair, with a clear complexion along with healthy muscles!!!
Gary_KC: MikeG, thanks for the info.
MikeG: we already have hair
murf: 3 hr by Continental and I can take my chair top the door of the plain ... all for $218
MikeG: is anyone here balding?
MikeG: most KD'ers have a head FULL of hair!
murf: none cause of the DHT
murf: we all will have hair
carofer: hair gud muscles bad
murf: ED can explain but its the DHT and how our bodies handles it
CT_Jameson: I am 5-6 hrs drive from Baltimore, a plane ride would only save me ~40 minutes
murf: CT_Jameson I wanted to take a few weeks and visit some of the civil war battlefields
CT_Jameson: fun
murf: one day
CT_Jameson: Gettysburg is the best...
murf: and close too
MikeG: murf - you mean the War of Northern Agression, don't you?
murf: ha ha ... yup I do
murf: lol
MikeG: ok then
MikeG: :)
CT_Jameson: well we are big and bad to the bone :-)
murf: the south is alive and well
murf: but we won't go there
Ron: It is the only war that never ended.
murf: lol
FL-DON: gottya go. c u all @ conf!
CT_Jameson: the war on terror has a good chance of falling in that category
MikeG: ok, gents, it's been fun but I need to get started on some honey-do lists. Until next time - take care...
murf: take care Don CYA in two weeks
FL-DON: yup. bye
Ron: Stay healthy till next we chat.
murf: CT_Jameson but on that one we are united!
CT_Jameson: yes
CT_Jameson: true
CER: Enjoyed the chat very much also. Will try to make the next time.
murf: thats why we need to elect the old guy
loshimo11: Gots to go... Everyone... Please stay upbeat, healthy and vertical.
murf: take care every one
Ron: So long guys. Hope to see you all at the conference.
carofer: bye til conf
CT_Jameson: I think I'll be there
murf: I'm stickin around
CT_Jameson: with my wife
CT_Jameson: and bells on
murf: CT_Jameson your toes
CT_Jameson: of course
murf: :}
carofer: murf, why is it a mistake not to stay at the bwi marriott?
Gary_KC: I got go. Talk to yours the next time. Bye.
murf: Others (my brother included) went with a cheaper Hotel near by and ended up exhausted at the end of the conference due to all the extra travel
murf: I guess its a few extra buck and you have a great time not getting exhausted
carofer: how late do the people meet in the evening?
murf: we can always be found around the lobby or bar for private chats
CT_Jameson: see ya'll soon.
murf: people eat out so we are always comming & going too
CT_Jameson: I'm out
murf: CYA
murf: take care
Stan: Bye, take care
murf: cya stan
carofer: ok -- i think i will keep my kitchen room because i will be there for a week and i neeed to do some work while there, as well
murf: carofer no problem and good to have you coming. we'll be happy to finally meet you
carofer: thanks for a good chat
carofer: see you at md
carofer: bye
murf: take care and c ya in 2 weeks