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Kennedy's Disease Chat Transcript  04-21-2007

Topic:  Special Guest - Angela Hokkins - Research Nurse

Host: Murray Williams

Chat Participants:



Murf entered the room.

916kent entered the room.

Murf: Good morning

916kent: Hi Murphy

Murf: Are you new?

Murf: this is Murray

916kent: great! It has been a while since I chatted with the group

Murf: ok are you Kent?

916kent: Since partaking in the drug study my strength and energy has greatly improved.

916kent: Yes

Murf: You must be getting the good stuff

AKRN entered the room.

916kent: Don't know for sure.  I do know that I have regrown muscle.

AKRN: Hi Guys thanks for having me.

Murf: Good morning Angela?

AKRN: Good Morning How is everyone doing?

Murf: Doing ok a little sorre

Murf: sore

Murf: I need my belt at the house

AKRN: What's been going on?

AKRN: No I don't want to give your belt but if you do need it you can get it through Physical Therapy.

916kent: Hi Angela. It is Kent out in CA

Murf: we'll be getting going in anothe few minutes

AKRN: Have you been falling a lot Murf?

Murf: 6-7 time this year

AKRN: Sounds good to me.  Did you get my CV stuff?  Sorry if it was too long.

Murf: broke my right ankle

916kent: My count is three falls.

AKRN: Are you feeling weaker then?

Murf: yup

AKRN: 916kent what is going on with you?

Murf: must be getting sugar

AKRN: Save up your energy Murf, rest between activities and take your time.

916kent: Feeling strong now, but had a rough time during Easter.

craig_h entered the room.

Murf: Life to short if your not living on the edge //1

AKRN: Let's hope you are getting the sugar and then maybe the real drug will help.

Murf: Morning Craig

916kent: Seems as though I weaken when Holiday's roll around.

AKRN: 916 glad you are feeling better now what was going on at Easter.

craig_h: good morning everyone

AKRN: Morning Craig

craig_h: what a miserable week, I live 20 miles from Virginia Tech

916kent: Stress just aided in making my body shut down I guess.  Traveled north to my brothers.

Murf: I make your bio from the packet we got from NIH

AKRN: Kent holidays are a stressful, busy time.  Everyone gets tired and fatigue so if you are prone to fatigue it will get worse.

Murf: I can imagine Criag

AKRN: Craig I am sooooo sorry it was such a horrible thing.  The guy lived in a town 15 min away from me.

Murf: good to see the community coming together

MICH entered the room.

craig_h: oh, AKRN must be Angela, hello

Murf: Morning Mich

AKRN: Definetly good to see the whole Nation come together, yep Mr. Harris it is Angela

MICH: Morning All

916kent: I always thought that when nervous my body reacts with shutting down the communication to the muscles.

craig_h: even mountaineers are hokies this week

AKRN: Kent that is defintely a side effect of stress.  Craig you bet Mounties are Hokies for sure!!  I wore my orange and maroon yesterday!

Murf: I'll introduce you in two minutes

916kent: Christos Anestes Angela!

AKRN: Stress affects us in so many ways!  I would not be surprised if that happens.  Thanks for the well wishes.

craig_h: guess I have my first year NIH visit in about a month

doughboy entered the room.

Murf: Hey TJ

doughboy: Good morning everyone

AKRN: Yea I have been working on the schedules and things are moving along. I can't believe how fast.

AKRN: Good Morning Doughboy.

billeric entered the room.

doughboy: same 2 u

AKRN: Thanks

Murf: Morning Bill

billeric: Good morning guys

AKRN: Happy Easter to you too Kent!

Murf: People will be logging in over the next few minutes so we better start. Please welcome Angela Kokkinis BSN, R.N. our main contact for the KD clinical trial.

billeric: Good morning guys

doughboy: Welcome

Murf: Angela has worked at NIH for the last 13 yrs – 4 ½ with inpatients – 8yrs with outpatients – 6 months with KDer’s

916kent: Angela, I will be driving to my July visit.  Bringing my son, Theo.

Murf: She earned her Bachelor of Sciences degree in Nursing from the West Virginia University. A clinical research nurse at the Neurogenetics branch of NIH, Angela now has to put up with us KDer’s.

AKRN: Kent you are driving!  I can't wait to meet Theo.  Do you need to change anything with your visit?

JoeK entered the room.

Dart! entered the room.

Dart!1124 entered the room.

Murf: Morning Joe and Dart

Murf: (s)

AKRN: Hey Murf you guys are my favorite and I DONT say that to all  the boys!!  I appreciate you all being so kind to me!

Dart!1124: Good morning to All!

JoeK: Hi from NC

Murf: //2 we love you too like you don't know

Murf: All of you

916kent: We will be in N.Y. and thought it would be good for Theo, 6 yrs, to see the capitol.

craig_h: hi Joe, what part of NC?

Murf: that work so hard for us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

doughboy: good morning, so what's new in the KD field?

916kent: Eden, N.Y.

AKRN: Thanks Murf!!!  I love you guys! We all are very lucky you know and appreciate all you do for us!

916kent: South of Buffalo

Murf: Did you meet my brother last week?

AKRN: KD field well I am not up on the latest sorry guys, you all have been keeping me pretty busy you know

JoeK: Craig----Greensboro to and Summer in Highlands

craig_h: we appreciate you being busy for us !

doughboy: Angela, are they going to have any evaluations after the 1st year of this trial?

AKRN: Murf I did meet your brother!  He and his family came down.  I see how you too are related nice guy.  I can talk with Dr. Fischebeck again and see if there are any latest updates in Kennedy's but have not heard of anything yet.

craig_h: Joe, I'm 2 hours north of Greensboro, 20 miles from Va. Tech

AKRN: Yes, the Data and Safety Management board will meet and eval. how thing are going. We will then decide if we continue the trial or stop and unblind everyone.

doughboy: Yea, I was wondering if that would be the case

craig_h: do you know when that meeting might happen Angela?

Murf: Why cut the study short?

AKRN: If the data is still not clear as to if Duasteride is helping or not they will continue the study> IF it is clear it is helping then they will stop it.

916kent: Angela,  my muscles have stopped atrophieing and started to develope again.  Began playing the piano after taking a break of 4 yrs.

AKRN: The meeting will happen at the end of may or beginning of june

AKRN: Kent that is amazing!!!!!  I am glad to hear that!  Keep up the playing it will only help your hand muscles for sure!

craig_h: end of May,  so maybe I can still look forward to the muscle shock thing, laffs

Murf: I feel I'm getting weaker but I didn't expect to be running in Boston yet anyway

Dart!1124: So, 916kent, to what do you owe the reversing in atrophy?

MikeG entered the room.

AKRN: Yep you sure can look forward to being Shocked!!!  Murf that is why we want to evaluate at the year mark.  We figured that would be enough time to see what is happening with everyone.

doughboy: Yes, is that something you determined or did your neurologist tell you that?

Murf: Caig are you a masicist?masochist?

Murf: Morning Mike

916kent: I am a participant in the KDA study.  It will be one year in july.

MikeG: Morning Murf

craig_h: oh no Murf, that was entirely tongue in cheek !

Murf: AKRN: That will work

Murf: //2 //10

craig_h: I've been doing some Physical Therapy past 3 weeks, I've felt much better

doughboy: So, Kent your saying the Dr.'s at NIH told they were rebuilding?

doughboy: you

AKRN: Well we figured that would be a good benchmark to see what is happening with everyone.

Murf: My legs are going through atrophy pain

Murf: I'm eating advil like m&ms

Murf: //1  just kidding

916kent: No.  I atrophied so poorly that my arms, chest and shoulders were jello before taking the med.  I now have muscle gain in all those areas.

MikeG: Murf, have you or anyone else experienced increased muscle fasciculations?

Murf: I'm eating a few every day 4-6

AKRN: PT is a good thing for you guys just don't be too fatigued afterwards.  I know some of you guys already heard this speech but exercise is good too as long as you are safe and don't get too fatigued afterwards.  Murph watch the Advil too much is not a good thing. Have you talked to your Neurologist?

Murf: No fasciculations

916kent: Of course I am not sure if placebo or drug is taken

Murf: just leg pain

craig_h: this was low impact PT, mainly working arms and legs with rubber tubing

916kent: My speech has improved. Have had friends and family notice.

AKRN: Mike G increased muscle  fasciculations can be one of two things:  You may be using your muscles too much and they are tired or the disease may be getting slightly worse.

Murf: he said 4-6 is ok what do you think?

Murf: per day

AKRN: I think that is fine Murph just take them with Milk or food to coat your stomach.

Murf: ok

doughboy: Yes, I hear you Kent, but that's what I'm asking you, has it been verified?  I mean I also have good weeks and bad weeks, where I feel almost normal and then wham it hits me again!

Murf: I'm going to put in an endless pool this summer

AKRN: Mike G are you doing a lot of exercise/

craig_h: murf, she didn't saw to coat stomach with beer

doughboy: I'm not trying to pry just afaid to hope, I guess!

craig_h: say

AKRN: Craig you are correct beer would not be a good coater!!!!!

Murf: craig_h: //2 used to be scotch!!!!

916kent: It is'nt varified.  I too have a Sine curve of ups and downs.

AKRN: Wow now that is a heavy duty coater!

doughboy: Yeah ya'll, everytime i go over to Murf's house he's stoned! LOL!

Murf: One of my friends said I walked better on scotch

Murf: he was a lier

Murf: liar

MikeG: after about a year on Avodart I noticed more fasciulations - after they had basically gone away.  Now I notice a different sensation in my mouth.  I think my tongue is getting more sensation in it - spicy foods taste better,  etc.  I've been on Avodart for two years now.

916kent: My theory is that muscle loss took five years, and muscle growth and control may take the same.

Gary_KS entered the room.

craig_h: Angela, have the majority of the people on the trial remained on it?   many dropped out ?

AKRN: Ups and downs are going to happen it is normal with any disease.  Mike G.  it also could be just one of those bad times.  I don't mean to be blunt but you don't know for sure.  That is a good thing that sensation is coming back.

doughboy: Good theory, very plausible!

Murf: Morning Gary

Gary_KS: Good morning, all. I am gary uchiyama. I am sorry to late.

916kent: Hi Gary

doughboy: Alway's better late than not

AKRN: Yes the majority are still on.  No one has dropped out yet.  Let's hope not.

craig_h: good

AKRN: Yea we are happy.  The only one that is no longer on the trial of course is Jerry, we do feel that his death did not have anything to do with the study though.

chumar entered the room.

Murf: I'll re cap.....Please welcome Angela Kokkinis BSN, R.N. our main contact for the KD clinical trial. Angela has worked at NIH for the last 13 yrs – 4 ½ with inpatients – 8yrs with outpatients – 6 months with KDer’s

MikeG: yes, that is what I'm thinking.  My tongue is not showing the familiar fasculations that I've had for years.  At least not as much as it used to.

doughboy: I will say this from my recent experience, I have lost 23lbs. now on Nutri system and I feel better, I even walked 200ft. yesterdat

Murf: Hey Chuck

chumar: Morn Murf

AKRN: Good like I said have you been using other muscles more recently?

AKRN: Mike G.

Murf: She earned her Bachelor of Sciences degree in Nursing from the West Virginia University. A clinical research nurse at the Neurogenetics branch of NIH, Angela now has to put up with us KDer’s

Murf: And we love her for it

craig_h: cool dough, I'm on Nutrisystem also, am down about 30, got to get serious about it again

Murf: Good for you TJ !!!!!!! TEXAS rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MikeG: not really - I was using out elliptical crosstrainer for awhile but I fell on it about 2 months ago and haven't been back on it since.

doughboy: Good for you Craig, it works and do you feel better too?

916kent: Does this sound familar?  When nervous, muscles shut down.  Anyone have an idea why being nervous causes the body to shut down control?

AKRN: That is great, losing weight will help, I guess you are going to have to change your name from doughboy now

doughboy: TY Murry

craig_h: yes, less weight puts less stress on muscles

doughboy: I hear you, Murf's on it also!

Dart!1124: In what ways is our group finding that speech is impaired?

MikeG: I do a lot of walking though.

craig_h: dough, the worst thing about Nutrisystem is getting that heavy box inside the house !

doughboy: I mix up words and they don't come out right

916kent: I racked my brain to find a way to safely exercise.  Bought a recline bike and have good luck.  I tend to over do it though.

doughboy: My son in law does that

AKRN: Mike G. ellipticals are not the best for you guys like I have said recumbant bikes are good and just some band stuff can help too.

MICH: But I've also been told losing to much weight can also lose muscle

AKRN: Walking is also good Mike G.

craig_h: kent, is getting out of a recline bike ok? I'd be worried about that myself

doughboy: My neurologist told me that also Mich

chumar: Walking is good for me also

Murf: I excersise now by making coffee

AKRN: Losing too much weight is different than losing muscle. You can still do exercise and keep muscle but you are losing fat with losing weight vs. muscle

916kent: Mine is high enough to step out when done.  The lower bikes would be impossible

doughboy: He actually told me that some of the weight I lost was muscle loss!  Can't win for losing!

craig_h: kent, what brand bike has a higher seat ?

MikeG: I always use my cane when I walk but don't go too far.  Afraid of falling...

AKRN: You are going to loose muscle too but try to do some light exercises guys to keep that muscle mas up!

doughboy: Yeah, right!

MICH: It's to bad someone hasn't invented the gain and lose muscle odometer so we Knew more about whether we're gaining or losing when doing a new activity

916kent: I eat like a bird and still haven't lost pounds.

doughboy: I can't exercise at all

AKRN: The chatter who was talking about speech problems what problems were you having again

Murf: LOL Mich

AKRN: I know it is hard to exercise and if you can not be safe then don't do it!

AKRN: Kent maybe that is your problem when I was doing Weight Watchers they always told us to eat at the top of our point scale.  You may not be eating enough

doughboy: Yeah I went to a rehab place and after 2 days the specialist told me to forget it

MikeG: Kent - is that recline bike real or stationary?

Dart!1124: My speech problem is because my tongue seems to have taken on the shape of a beaver tail.

AKRN: Doughboy than forget it, it is not a safe thing.  However, can you sit down and do some of the exercise band stuff?  Or does that bother you too?

916kent: Being afraid of falling shortens the distance I can accomplish some how.  It is that nervousness that shuts me down physically.

916kent: Stationary.

Murf: Dart!1124: me too mine flapps all the time!

AKRN: Dart I hear it is probably because you have lost some muscle mass in your tongue.

doughboy: Yes anything really does, I've worked with several therapist here and they all have come 2 the same conclusion!

craig_h: kent, I think it is being nervous that keeps me from doing lots of things. It's like I freeze up and panic

AKRN: Dart do you know what you want to say and can't form the words or do other words come out all together?

Dart!1124: Does loss of muscle mass in the tongue mean that I should talk more? I know that some would object!

Murf: Kind of hard to do any public speaking or training for me

doughboy: Ain't stopped Murf yet! LOL

AKRN: Craig and the other guy who asked about nerves and muscles, if you think about it when you are nervous you tense up and your body does shut down.  You become tense all over

916kent: I find that if I have someone with me, I can walk farther.  It takes the fear of falling and being alone out of the equation.

Murf: I need to drink water when I'm up there

AKRN: Dart yea I think talking more would help! Ha ha

Dart!1124: Yes, I cannot say some words clearly, and so opt for alternative ones.

AKRN: Kent I think that is a good suggestion try to do things that make you feel secure Craig

craig_h: exactly Angela, when I am in an unfamilar enviroment, that is exactly what happens to me

doughboy: Get you a walking dog!

Murf: Deep breathing will help and knowing that if you didn't have any interest they wouldn't have asked you to speak. they are friends you haven't meet yet

916kent: Once spent 30 minutes on the ground in a parking lot.  People walk by but didn't help after asking for help.

craig_h: I agree Kent, even at work, when I leave, I feel more secure when someone walks out with me

AKRN: Dart that is ok it is a physical issue but you know what you are doing.  I worry if you say a word that you did not mean to say.

doughboy: I been mentally cussing them!

doughboy: I'd

doughboy: Real Christians they were

MikeG: I see a lot of older folks on real recliner bikes in my area of Sun City but I don't think I should try that - I couldn't even handle a normal bike - bad balance.  It would be a lot more fun than seeing the same old scenery all the time.

AKRN: Kent I can not believe that you spent that long on the ground!!!  I would have been cussing them too!

doughboy: Do you have a Coakley cane?

craig_h: I don't think I have enough arm strength that the Liberty (Coakely) can would help me get up

chumar: AKRN I went through a very stressful day on thurs, then my body started ache, cramped, and got very ill, i am sure it was the stress.

craig_h: cane

AKRN: Mike that is why I like the recumbant or recling bike lower to the ground and you are more balanced because they have bars behind you along with in front of you to hold on too.  The ones behind you are closer to your body so I feel more stable holding them too.

916kent: I had a six year old want to help but her mom said, "get over here".  I noticed a christian bumper sticker on her car and wondered if it came with the vehicle.

AKRN: Chumar I agree it probably was the stress.  I have been really stressed out the past two weeks and my whole body is sore and tight.  What do you mean by very ill?

doughboy: Chumar, my body does the exact same thing, all I can do is take a Xanax and calm myself down

chumar: Nosia

Duane entered the room.

billeric has left the room.

Murf: Kent - you need to move to Texas. people are very friendly here

Murf: Morning Guys

AKRN: Nausea chumar is can be related to the stress.  We work ourselves up and it is really hard to calm down.  I am sorry it was such a stressful day.  DO you have a good support system?

chumar: Ya i take that at bed time, dou

billeric entered the room.

916kent: California is really wearing on me for sure.

doughboy: Yuo got that right, hell we let Murf(the canadian) live here so we must be nice!!!!

chumar: I have a wonderful wife that is just now thought to be a carrier of KD

Dart!1124: Now------- be nice to Canadians!!!

doughboy: Chumar you can take it 2 to 3 times a day, but you will get hooked on it and it'll be hard 2 get off!

AKRN: Wow that is amazing!  She may be a carrier!  I am glad she is a good support to you.  What do you guys do to help with stress.  I like to exercise but it is hard with a 7 and 5 year old.

Murf: Thats right TJ - your out numbered!!!! LOL//6

doughboy: Aw Dart, I love Murf to death, you could not ask for a better friend and besides the steaks he cooks are excellent!!!!

chumar: I soak up the sun in BC at a gold claim no stress there

AKRN: Relaxation and deep breathing like someone said earlier are great ways.  The sun does wanders too!

916kent: My six year old helps to keep me from sitting around for sure.

chumar: Yea,thanks it all helps

Murf: Video games .... kil kil

AKRN: Ok Murf you have to give me your secret to your great steaks!  I am a carnivore so tell me when I see you next. Glad to help chumar anytime you need anything just call.

Dean entered the room.

doughboy: Heck just drop by Texas and he will fix you one!

MikeG: Kent - I had the same thing happen to me on a cruise ship.  I fell while coming back inside and crossing a higher than normal threshold.  Even though there were people all around me - no one offered to help.  I thhink they must have thought I was drunk...

AKRN: That is the problem kent I am always running them to baseball, ballett, gymnastics school etc.  Never seem to squeeze in exercise

chumar: Has anyone heard from Darwyn, he was hospitialized in Las Vegas

Dean: hello everyone

Murf: Angela come on out I'll cook you one!

chumar: Hi Dean

doughboy: What happened to Darwyn

Dean: Chumar are in the nih program?

AKRN: Sound good Murf.  Darwyn was hospitalized at NIH.  He was having some breathing issues but was discharged on Friday

MikeG has left the room.

chumar: He got to Vegas with a breathing problem

916kent: I consider the running around from one event to another as EXERCISE.

AKRN: No he got to Vegas and had to be rehospitalized what happend?

Murf: Really chuck?? do you have a phone number?

chumar: Yes some where i will e-mail you

AKRN: We discharged him and he was doing better.

doughboy: My pulmanologist told me my lungs were only inflating to 60% capacity

chumar: Ok i married his aunt AKRN

chumar: Wow

AKRN: I am concerned about him.  Usually you don't have breathing issues with KD but that does not mean it can't happen

chumar: Ya

Murf: we need to look after our breathing so maybe TJ should quit smoking !!!!

AKRN: You married his Aunt Chumar?  Doughboy any other issues with breathing

chumar: Ya

doughboy: Yeah I just finished doing a breathing test!  Has anyone heard from Terry W.?

chumar: No ??

Murf: Yesterday I talked to Terry

JoeK: I am using a bipat machine --- and it has help me to breathe much better.

Murf: Hard to breath with a smoke in your face LOL

chumar: lol

doughboy: Yeah I must be really having a difficult time at night because I awake several times and my bi-pap machine is always turned sideways and my troat is so dry

AKRN: That is what Darwyn is on, how long have you been on BIPAP Joe

Murf: Going for a smoke?

chumar: LOL

doughboy: throat

Murf: smoke

AKRN: Guys you should not be smoking but I won't get on my soapbox about that.

doughboy: bite me

Murf: thank you Angela

MikeG entered the room.

Dean: that's right smoking is bab.

Dart!1124: Does anyone out there have any suggestions on how to handle 'rogue' fingers? You know, the ones that want to do their own thing?

chumar: Thanks for the laugh Murf

AKRN: Have you guys heard of anyone else having breathing issues?  I won't bite you with a cigarette in your mouth don't lk

Dean: that's bad

Murf: my brother will not quit

MICH: If you constantly rollover in your sleep is a bi-pap a bad idea?

MikeG: Sorry , I'm at the beach trying to find an available Wi-Fi connection... I keep losing my weak signal...

Murf: Dart!1124: I need to know !!!//2

AKRN: Sorry my daughter just came in and cut me short, as I was saying I don't like food smoky!!

916kent: Stretching my fingers adds time for use  I find.

doughboy: I smoke but my Dr. tells me my lungs are clear and I figured that since we don't know how long we will be around what difference does it make. I'll turn 51 in a couple of weeks and I have had 2 cousins die with KD, 1 was 51 and the other 52.

Murf: Angela how is she?

JoeK: on bipap for abou 3 months.  I go to the ALS/NURO part of Carolina Med. in Charlotte, NC

AKRN: MICH it may take some getting used to to use the BIPAP if you roll over a lot but it is worth.  Thanks Murph she is fine but I just shooed her out of the room

Murf: TJ I will want to stick around as long as I can

doughboy: Yeah

AKRN: I hear you Murph and TJ

Dart!1124: Yes, Kent, stretching does help for a little, and perhaps warming the hands, but I would like something more permanent.

doughboy: Just so you know doughboy is TJ

Murf: So do you ... you old fart!

916kent: My grandfather smoked with KD and passed at 52.

Dart! has left the room.

doughboy: sometimes I do sometimes I don't and don't tell me you don't feel the same way

AKRN: TJ did both your cousins smoke?

Dart!1124: No, Murf, that is 'Dart'!!

doughboy: neither one

Murf: So did my grand father .. a pipe.. died at 71

doughboy: But they did get fat as all get out!

kellyC_ entered the room.

chumar: Murf do you know how your KD was passed down?

916kent: Before partaking in the study, my piano playing would last 10 minutes.  Now I play for 30 minute without fatigue.

chumar: wow

AKRN: Kent that is encouraging, hey Kelly how are you doing?

Murf: Chuck - yes we have a family tree on it

kellyC_: good thank you!

MikeG: wow - that's great, Kent!

AKRN: Glad to hear thanks for sending me your stuff a while ago!

doughboy: I have a brother that has it and 1 more cousin

chumar: Hi Kelly Campbell

Murf: WOW!! I want to change pills! //1

kellyC_: hi chuck howz it going good i hope

916kent: Piano was one of those things I wrote off when KD entered the picture.

chumar: better today & you?

JoeK: My brother did NOT SMOKE and he died at 77 and had KD for 30 plus years.

AKRN: Murf you can't do that yet but we will see after the analysis at a year.

Murf: just kidding

AKRN: I know Murf I am just teasing you too!

Murf: Need to do a good study

Murf: Don't worry about us

916kent: Next I hope to ski again.  LOL but a dream of mine.

Murf: get the data for to help the kids

kellyC_: hey chuck.. is the chat almost over ? i slept it

AKRN: I know we will do that, we need to see if the drug works or not.  You guys who are in the trial know I am very sarcastic and like to joke around!

chumar: ya

kellyC_: ok

chumar: i forgot

doughboy: Naw Kelly your right on time, you know how Canadians are!!! LOL!

Dean: chumar are you in the nih trial study?

MICH: Is anyone taking fish oil or flax seed, which is the lesser of two evils in taste?

AKRN: We awant to help as many people as possibel but definetly the kids!

kellyC_: lol phewwwww thank you hi docter K .

Murf: me too we're the guinea pigs

chumar: No Dean try for the study at Sask

AKRN: Mich Fish Oil pills are huge, at least the ones I have.  I don't know about flax seed

craig_h: I'm a kida at heart, that count?

doughboy: Heck if we couldn't joke around we'd be lost!

AKRN: Yep Craig it definelty does.  I know joking gets me thorough A LOT!!!

Murf: Mich I doo 1000mg per day

Murf: fish oil

Dart!1124: Flax seed is available, sliced, and goes very well with cereal!

MikeG: I'm taking Omega-3 which is fish oil - I think.  It really gives me bad breath...

916kent: Were's John K. when all the laughing is going on!   Great chating with you. Talk soon. See ya

chumar: Dean trying

Dean: what is Sask?

AKRN: Hey Kent great talking to you too and look forward to seeing you soon!

chumar: Sakatchewan, canada

Murf: MikeG: thats what it is! mmmaaaannnnnnnnnn

MikeG: ooooohhhh kaaaaaa

doughboy: Well I gotta go my legs will not let me sit here any longer and my arms hurt from typing.  Everyone have a great weekend and thanks to you Angela for being our guest!

chumar: Saskatoon

Murf: Take care Kent

chumar: Disteride study Dean

AKRN: Hey Guys I have a few more min. but I do have to go at 11:30, anything I can help anyone with?

kellyC_: There is a kd study at the city hospital here in saskatchewan hosted by Dr, harder..

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kellyC_: dr hade i mean lol

AKRN: Anytime TJ it was fun talking with everyone!

Dart!1124: Yeah for Saskatoon, Saskatchewan!!!!!!!!!!!

kellyC_: dr hader i mean lol

billeric: Thanks Angela

craig_h: look forward to seeing you again in about a month, angela

chumar: Thats the one Kelly

MikeG: Thank you so much for chattin with us today, Angela - we really appreciate you!

craig_h: thanks for joining us

kellyC_: yup...!

Murf: We've got only a few minutes left.... any other questions?

chumar: Bye

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AKRN: Thanks guys for taking it easy on me today!!  I REALLY do love you guys you are the best!  I will do it anytime if you will have me back!

MikeG: until next time... I'm outta here.

MICH: Angela, I'm not in the study but thanks for dropping in... and your input

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AKRN: Anytime MICH that is what I am here for

chumar: Bye Mike

Murf: Take care Angela and thats a bundle for taking time

Gary_KS: Thank you very much Dr. today.

billeric: Thanks Murf.  Call if you get to Phoenix Eric.

Dart!1124: Being with Y'all again has been great --be good and take care!

AKRN: Like I said anytime Murf I mean it you all have been great and you are very welcome!

Murf: I will eric!

MICH: Bill... one of these days... maybe summer

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kellyC_: Hey Murf i missed the chat Again.... its 9 30 here in sask i guess i it started at 8 30 my time

craig_h: y'all take care, keep us Hokies in your thoughts !

JoeK: bye

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chumar: Bye

Murf: Kelly thats right its 10:30 in Houston now

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kellyC_: ok thanks all i'll try be on time next chat see ya all

chumar: Are the Astros playing today Murf?

Gary_KS: Bye

Murf: I'll save the chat and you can read it when Terry posts it

chumar: Bye Kel

kellyC_: yes thank you murf

kellyC_: bye all

AKRN: Guys let me know if anyone hears from Darwyn we will be checking up on him too!! THanks guys for being so great!  Have to run my daughter to ballet!  Many of you have my contact info so even if you are not in the study please feel free to contact me if you need anything

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AKRN: Thanks Murf for hosting.

chumar: Yes for sure

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Murf: Don't know chuck I got the BOD meeting after this then I need to go shopping I'll be dead after that

chumar: O Ok i will check

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AKRN: Hopefully I will meet some of you that are not in the study in Las Vegas!  See you soon!

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Murf: Thanks Angela!!

Murf: see you in Vegas!!!

AKRN: You are welcome Murf I am going to sign out unless there is anything else

chumar: Well time to go also i will look up Darwyn's # for you Murf