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Kennedy's Disease Chat Transcript  07-12-2003

Topic: 2002 Conference Reunion, What you liked about it

Host: Susanne Waite


Chat Participants:





susannew -- {welcome susannew}
pa-paul -- {welcome pa-paul}
murf -- {welcome murf}
don48312 -- {welcome don48312}
butch -- {welcome butch}
bruce -- {welcome bruce}
johnm -- {welcome johnm}
john-c. -- {welcome john-c.}

murf -- Hi All
pa-paul -- hello
pa-paul -- too early I guess
murf -- How's your weather? we have been storming for weeks
pa-paul -- offr and on had a storm yesterday but today is beautiful
susannew -- Hi Murray, Hi pa-paul... I don't believe we've met have we?
pa-paul -- no i dont think so I have only been on two other chats a while
don48312 -- {welcome don48312}
susannew -- God morning Don - is Judy with you?
don48312 -- judy busy now, be here in a sec
don48312 -- gm all from sunny fl
butch -- {welcome butch}
susannew -- Its been 90's + here and 100+ in the Central Valley - good
thing we like it hot! Today is supposed to be a scorcher! 108 in the
don48312 -- is this a caregiver chat?
susannew -- This is a 2002 Kennedy's Disease Association Conference and
Symposium Reunion! Thought it would be nice to relive some of the memories
and share with others what we all found valuable from the conference.
murf -- Hi Butch
susannew -- Good morning Ron. pa-paul - I'm Terry's wife...
bruce -- {welcome bruce}
bruce -- Good Morning, All
murf -- More thunder storms due today in Houston
pa-paul -- Hi and good morning
bruce -- Hey, PA Paul, how are you doing today?
pa-paul -- hanging in there bruce
susannew -- Good morning Bruce. Is Cindy with you?
butch -- Hi Susanne and all. Hope you and Terry have everything moved and
are starting to relax again.
bruce -- No, she is busy painting the bedroom. Something you should know
something about after the last couple of weeks.
don48312 -- funny, judy has been painting the interior of our home the
last few weeks
murf -- Karol is awake this morning and says HI to everyone
susannew -- No relaxing in the forecast for at least a month! We've been
painting (well, mostly me and for the first 4 days my family was here to
help), ceilings, walls, baseboards, cleaning like the dickens (of course,
we want the house to be our dirt!), fixing things, and last but not least,
unpacking. We've still got so far to go. I've been staying up from 6 a.m.
to 2 a.m. working on it with maybe 2 five minute breaks. Terry way over
did it the first couple days and his neck collapsed. He rested a few days
and is fine now.
susannew -- Last night I worked on unpacking the kitchen until midnight.
Its getting there - not complaining - just so much to do and this is just
the inside of the house. Next we turn our attention to the outside.
bruce -- Cindy decided to make a beach house in the mountains. She is
using soft colors throughout the house. It looks nice and give her
something to do (keeps her out of trouble).
susannew -- And I started my new job last week as a Wholesale Insurance
Broker - love it! love it! love it! But, was working late (til 7:30 p.m.)
each night, then getting home working on the place - I'm exhausted and
thank God this is not a video conference - I'd hate for you to see the
bags under my eyes! : )
butch -- When you guys are done with your painters will you send them to
Penna. I could use a couple of experienced painters.
susannew -- We'll have to see pictures Bruce. Please send some!
bruce -- Just remember, it doesn't all have to be done right away. I
remember our move in January. It took me three months to fully recover and
CIndy did most of the work.... GO figure.
murf -- Susanne - Sounds like you could burn yourself out!
susannew -- Bruce: Ha ha! We joked with my family that they were at
Foxtail Stables -- work camp! In a few months, they can come back to
Foxtail Stables Inn!
don48312 -- the painters dont come cheap butch. $1 down, paycheck for
butch -- Hey Don, I can handle the 1$ down, but I'm not so sure about the
paycheck for life.
susannew -- Its a good thing I'm high energy!!!
bruce -- I am happy to hear the new job is working out. That is great
don48312 -- where ijn CA r u located Susanne?
susannew -- Don: We moved to Coarsegold in the Sierra Foothills (Gold
country - maybe we'll find a nugget or two in the back yard - wouldn't
that be nice?) - about 20 minutes to the gates of Yosemite National Park
and 30 minutes from Fresno (down the mountain.)
don48312 -- we did the yosemite thing in the 80's sue. nice area in
central ca
johnm -- {welcome johnm}
murf -- Morning johnm
bruce -- Before we get into the main topic today I have a question for the
group. Has anyone been involved with postural drainage? My MDA doctor
recommended that I learn this technique in case I ever need it to clear
the lungs.
susannew -- Bruce: No, would you please explain?
don48312 -- no bruce
bruce -- For people with weakening lungs that might not be able to clear
the fluids. It is a series of postures to allow drainage from the eleven
sections of the lungs. I am just starting to learn about it and it looks
susannew -- Perhaps that would be a good future chat topic - is there a
doctor you are in touch with that we could invite to come as a featured
guest to discuss and share this information with us?
bruce -- Not certain about a doctor. They recommend a Respiratory
Therapist. When I called the hospital to make an appointment. THe
gentlement explained it over the phone and gave me an internet address to
get a PDF file explaining the process. That is where I am at right now in
the process. Let me explore it some more first.
don48312 -- lol
susannew -- Ok, enough about us! There's a million things to tell, like
all the wildlife we've been seeing, toads, woodpeckers, bluejays, coyotes,
hawks, tarantula's (one in my house!!!), bugs we cannot identify, gorgeous
sunsets over the ridge (view from backyard), oak trees, rolling hills,
nice neighbors...
susannew -- Good morning John!
butch -- Have you thought any more about the lack of attendance at our
chats? I still enjoy the chats. I learn something every time. What can we
do to encourage better attendance?
susannew -- I've heard back from 2 individuals that they believe there is
too much idle chit chat - I've also heard from another that they have been
traveling and that there was a lot to do in June - graduations, weddings,
etc. that's why they hadn't attended.
murf -- Goof Attenance this morning
murf -- Good. Good, My fingers aren't working
don48312 -- i usually just forget about the chat, as sat morning is a busy
time around here
pa-paul -- susann I was also away during june and could not attend
butch -- Sometimes idle chit chat is our only contact with each other. I
think it is a good thing.
susannew -- I believe the chats are an excellent forum for a couple of
things - 1) to get to know each other, make contacts that understand what
we are going through and 2) to share information with others that they
might not know about - you may have 1 very important piece of information
you found out from your doctor, the NIH, personal research, that the
others don't and vice versa - this is an excellent place to share that
knowledge. Even though many do not actually participate in the chats - I
know many read the transcripts and frequently email back to let us know
they found them valuable.
susannew -- This is a very inexpensive way (FREE!) to keep in touch with
each other. If Terry and I tried to call all the associates in the KDA -
we'd be the phone company!
don48312 -- i mean i forget the chat is going on and forget to sign on
susannew -- We try to remind everyone a chat is coming up - Saturday
morning was the only time that we found that encompassed most time zones
around the world as we have associates outside the US in Europe,
Australia, etc. also. Although with Australia, its very hard since they
are night when we are morning... And it was the only time that Terry and I
could commit to hosting chats as I work full-time and work for the KDA in
my spare time...
johnm -- A lot of times I just sit back and watch what people have to say
until something hits me that I want to comment on.
murf -- Susanne - the conferences work good for that too!
bruce -- It might be time to ask the members what topics they would be
interested in chatting about. I think we did that a year or two ago.
susannew -- We ask for topic ideas everytime we email out that a chat is
coming up - I rarely get a response... So we try to think of chat topics
ourselves - probably the hardest thing we do at the KDA!
susannew -- Yes, that's our topic. Thanks Murray. What did you all think
of the conference last year? What did you find valuable?
murf -- Not "Free" but worth it!
don48312 -- the conferences are great
bruce -- Meeting people face to face was the best part of the conference
in my opinion.
murf -- David (my brother) went away with a hole new attitude
susannew -- Bruce/Murray/Don: Why?
bruce -- Of course, the doctors and researchers portion of the program was
#2 on my list.
susannew -- Murray: What changed for David? What made it change?
don48312 -- at last years conference, i especially liked hearing the
similiar problems faced by other KD'ers
pa-paul -- if it helps attitude I guess I really need to attend
bruce -- Why - because we are a unique group of individuals with something
in common (if not rare). It is nice to know we are not alone in this world
and that our spouses also have something in common.
murf -- He was ignoring this condition, feeling alone and this conference
he saw others with the same condition for the first time.
butch -- I think the conferences were terrific. Getting to know the
doctors who are involved in research to find a cure for Kennedys. Getting
to know the guys and wives affected by KD. All the sharing and caring by
all. GREAT!!
don48312 -- last year, after the group sessions, judy and i enjoyed dining
with small groups of kd'ers we had not previously met
susannew -- I believe meeting the researchers and doctors focused on
finding a cure or treatment for Kennedy's Disease is what gave Terry and I
a lot of hope for a brighter future.
murf -- You could see it in his face!
murf -- He was scared and did not want to come. This year he said he was
bringing his wife (Allison)
murf -- So did I Don! :-)
susannew -- I remember David when he first arrived was very quiet and
reserved. And by the time he left he really opened up.
don48312 -- judy also found you other kd'ers have the same defects and
faults as i have
bruce -- Also - hearing all the doctors and researchers gave me hope (not
for me as much as for future KD'rs) that a treatment and cure can be
found. Their energy and dedication was wonderful.
susannew -- It really was amazing the first time Terry and I met others
with KD at a Families of SMA conference 3 years ago. I didn't even want to
go - as it was an SMA conference and there were going to be children there
with SMA. I didn't think I could emotionally handle it. It was the
springing board for the KDA - as that is where we met Dr. Merry and La
Spada and other KD researchers. There were only 6 KD'rs there. Last years
KDA conference had 30 KD'rs...
murf -- Susanne - I rremember that one. 600 people and 6 of us.
butch -- I especially like chats with a q&a session with a researcher or
doctor who is actively working on a cure. Just great to hear how much
progress is being made.
bruce -- I believe that most of us felt alone when we were first
diagnosed. Thanks to Patrick, Susanne and Terry, they brought a bunch of
us together. This is good therapy for me.
johnm -- We haven't been able to attend any conference. Maybe we should
just arrange for a sort of reunion some place accessable to all. My
problem is that I don't care to fly any more and need some place within
driving distance of Florida.
john-c. -- John m: I hear you loud & clear about distance, etc. It would
be great if next time the Main Conference that we "wrap" around
would/could be in Florida.
johnm -- John-c, I guess we'll have to arrange a reunion for Florida and
surrounding communities.
murf -- john - good idea for next year
susannew -- John: We are trying to move the conference to different
locations each time. Trouble is the KDA is so small financially that we
cannot afford to bring the doctors/researchers to us. Last year there were
25 doctors/researchers who attended the meeting. If we had to pay their
airfare, hotel and food it would have been more than $30,000. Therefore,
to be financially prudent, we are piggybacking the KDA meeting off another
large medical conference that most of the researchers/doctors were already
going to attend (and pay their own airfare). We just ask them to extend
their stay 1 more night to attend our meeting and pay hotel and food for
that night.
murf -- If we could increase donations we may be able to consider that but
funding for research is more important
susannew -- It was great to have the doctors/researchers share with us for
4 hours what their labs were doing for KD research, their findings thus
far, and where they are heading with research. Then, what many didn't get
to see while you were in various breakouts - the doctors/researchers all
went into a private room and for 5 more hours sat in a circle and
brainstormed and discussed Kennedy's Disease. I went into the room to make
an announcement and I couldn't bring myself to stop the flow - it was
electric in the room and ideas and comments were flying around so fast!
The meeting was a great motivator for us with KD, but is also a great
motivator for those researching the disease. They get to meet those with
KD that they are helping and it gives them a face with the disease.
Another reason to continue working on it.
bruce -- Susanne, maybe we should consider some way to honor these
researchers. They are all working for us (and our families). It could be
inexpensive - something as small as a certificate of our appreciation
(just brainstorming).
susannew -- At last years meeting we did give them all certificates. But
that's a great idea for those that couldn't attend the meeting.
pa-paul -- yes bruce that does sound good to keep us in their minds
pa-paul -- I agree with that thought of THANKS
johnm -- Susanne, I guess I'm thinking more of just a friendly gathering
of KDers.
bruce -- Johnm - something like a 'family' reunion?
johnm -- Exactly, Bruce.
pa-paul -- johnm what part of fla are you at
johnm -- Paul, Three of us are in Sun City Center, 20 miles south of
don48312 -- Su City Center, FL is KD country
don48312 -- here in Sun City Center, john & Paulene, Mike and Paula and
Don & Judy get together every month or so for lunch and conversation
susannew -- Its very difficult to have a reunion without someone having to
fly somewhere! Unless its done regionally. Unfortunately, we are all so
spread out geographically!
murf -- That's cause we're unique and there are not to many of us!
susannew -- We also have met with others in the Los Angeles area (when we
lived down there). There is contact information on the KDA web site
( listed by country and in the US state. So you
can look to find those near you and invite them to get together. (The
contact list is only those who gave permission to be listed though.)
johnm -- Maybe that's what we have to work on. Regional gatherings.
susannew -- I know many in Australia and France have utilized the contact
list to find others near them and get together!
susannew -- It would be great to set up chapters regionally. The KDA board
has discussed doing this - but since we are so small, and only 5 on the
Board, we've decided to leave that up to you all. To form "official"
chapters takes money and legal advice. But to have informal "chapters"
where individuals seek to get together, perhaps raise funds for KD
research, etc... that is doable!
murf -- johnm I'd love to visit Florida, last time was '74
don48312 -- murf, you have an open invitation to spend time here at our
home with your wife.
murf -- Don - thanks...same here in "sunny" Houston
don48312 -- Susanne, Judy and I would again like to thank you and Terry
for the time and effort you two expend on our behalf.
bruce -- HEAR! HEAR! for Sussane and Terry.
susannew -- Thanks Don. John Coakley and Murray and Bruce also spend a
great deal of time on the KDA. I'd also like to thank Annette and Patrick
for their previous help with the KDA too - its amazing what its become in
3 short years!
bruce -- Back to what I liked .... I also found the inter-action between
sessions and in the evening to be quite valuable. Many helpful hints were
passed along and friendships were formed.
butch -- I would still love to see more information about Kennedys Disease
om Jerry Lewis's telethon for Labor Day. It is one way to educate millions
of people about us and the KDA.
susannew -- The MDA cannot speak about the KDA as we are a completely
separate organization. They have been kind enough to allow us to hold our
chats on their Web site.
susannew -- But it would be good if they'd feature KD. Perhaps that can be
another project! Terry can call them and see if they'd do a story about KD
on the telethon. I don't know how early they develop their telethon
agenda... I bet its done for this year already...
murf -- Did I hear someone volinteer to check with the teleton people?
susannew -- I volunteered Terry - but he's not here to know it yet.
pa-paul -- maybe just and advertisement during the show
susannew -- pa-paul - absolutely!
bruce -- It has been great the "Quest" magazine has featured several
articles and news annoucements about KDA in the last year or two.
john-c. -- {welcome john-c.}
murf -- Has anyone heard from Patrick?
susannew -- Hey, speak of the devil!
murf -- Hi john-c thought you were on the missing list
bruce -- Speaking of John C - WELCOME GUY!
johnm -- Hi John C. Hope you don't mind my sending you some jokes that
make me LOL.
john-c. -- John M: the one/day is great. There is nothing worse than
getting home after 14 hrs out to find 200 or so. I appreciate the
"editing" and your sense of humor.
susannew -- John: I liked the one about the lawn!
johnm -- Susanne, I thought of you right away with all the outside work
you will have.
susannew -- John: LOL - : )
don48312 -- susanne, i thought about you when i read the e-mail about the
thermous and the blond
susannew -- Don: I didn't see that one...
don48312 -- thought i sent it to you susanne, maybe not, sorry
susannew -- I like blonde jokes! I find them funny and do not take them
don48312 -- ill remember that susanne
john-c. -- Susanne: I have the first Blonde GUY joke. It's too long for me
to type here.
butch -- I guess that is why they have blonde jokes. Blondes don't
murf -- John - can you put it on your "Cokley Corner"?
john-c. -- Susanne: it's on your email.
susannew -- Johnc: I just heard the ding - it must be here!
john-c. -- Hi everyone. Give me a minute to read & catch up on today,
susannew -- Speaking about the conference - what else made it valuable.
susannew -- How about any of the breakout sessions? The social security
administration discussing disability... architect: how to modify your
home... KDA update... etc...
bruce -- Social Security was helpful for me. I pulled out the material
they handed out and my notes before applying this summer for SS
john-c. -- We will have a Social Security & Disability expert at the
conference this year.
susannew -- Bruce did an excellent job discussing and demonstrating Qi
Gong... low impact exercise. I was amazed after doing some of the
exercises with him how light my lungs felt and my whole body felt
energized. Amazing just some stretching can do that for you!
don48312 -- judy very much enjoyed the caregivers breakout sessions. i
cant imagine why our ears were burning alot?????
bruce -- Susanne and John, did the feedback you received last year after
the conference help in the preparation for this year's conference?
susannew -- Bruce: Absolutely, we took the opinions from the survey and
utilized them when developing this year's agenda. That's why there are
longer breaks, more time for certain topics, etc.
john-c. -- Bruce; definitely YES. As that was the first, I think we tried
to be too much and cover all topics.
pa-paul -- will an adgenda for this comming conf be available?
susannew -- This year's conference information has been emailed out and we
are accepting registrations now! Its only 4 months away.
susannew -- I think the 2003 agenda is posted on the Web site...
john-c. -- More time between sessions, etc....And also why we went to the
extra day in order not to rush anyone too much.
susannew -- Go to: for
all the information as well as the agenda, registration form, etc...
susannew -- The 3 day format allowed others to fly in and out at
respectable times of day!
john-c. -- Example of too much: The Financial planning guys. Another
example was not enough time for the SSA ladies.
murf -- I'll be interested to hear how our FLY is doing...LOL
bruce -- I believe that most everyone who attended thought the conference
was great. It was impressive that it was so well planned and went off
without hardly a hitch. The planning committee and meeting team did a
fantastic job.
murf -- What's on you mind? Are you doing ok?
susannew -- We did what, an hour, for the separate KD individuals,
wives/significant others and carrier breakouts? It wasn't long enough. We
recognize that and this year's conference in November has allotted more
time for that. Just when everyone was starting to open up, time was up!
john-c. -- Don: The Caregivers (wives & others) session has been extended
to a full 1/2 day.
johnm -- I don't mind a little chit-chat during these sessions. We have to
talk about what we are going through.
murf -- johnm - good point! that's what we are here for
susannew -- Topics this year's conference in New Orleans are: Welcome &
KDA Update Susanne M. Waite, KDA Founder, President and Executive Director
To Exercise. or Not? Panel Discussion/Debate: Bruce Gaughran -- (KDA
Associate who regularly practices Qi Gong), Ed Meyertholen -- (KDA
Associate who runs races), Michael Buttner -- (KDA Associate) Making your
Life Physically Easier Physiatrist (American Academy of Physical Medicine
and Rehabilitation) to be Determined Eliminate Stress & Depression Speaker
to be determined Safety when Eating Heimlich Manuever demonstrated, Foods
to be cautious about, Healthy eating and nutrition, Swallowing and Choking
Speakers to be determined (EMT, Speech Pathologist and Nutritionist
invited) Men's Group Discussion Nothing Held Back: What its Truly Like
Living with KD Wives/Significant Others Discussion Nothing Held Back: What
its Truly Like Living with KD Carriers Discussion Nothing Held Back: What
its Truly Like Living with KD International Perspective: What's going on
in Europe? Jean Jacques, KDA Associate from France and ARMK Founder FDA -
Rare Disease Update Dr. Marlene Haffner, Head of the Federal Drug
Administration's (FDA) Orphan Drug Program Personal Transportation:
Options/Funding/ Reimbursements/Tax Breaks Murray Williams, KDA Secretary
and individual with KD Dinner Banquet & Silent Auction (on location at the
Hotel) Doctors/Researchers Discussion Panel Kenneth Fischbeck, M.D., Chief
of Neurogenetics Branch, National Institutes of Health, (Bethesda,
Maryland), KDA Scientific Review Board
--------------------------------------Diane Merry, Ph.D., Thomas Jefferson
University, (Philadelphia, PA), KDA Scientific Review Board
--------------------------------------Albert La Spada, M.D., Ph.D.,
University of Washington (Seattle, Washington), KDA Scientific Review
Board -------------------------------------- William Kennedy, M.D.,
University of Minnesota (Minneapolis, Minnesota)
--------------------------------------Other Doctors and Researchers
invited - will update as they confirm they will attend the meeting.
Closing Statements Terry A. Waite, KDA Founder and Vice President Meeting
Adjourns for Attendees -- Doctors/Researchers Invited to stay for Private
Discussion Commencing at 1:30 p.m. 1:30 - 5:00 p.m. Researchers' Private
Discussion Symposium
susannew -- Since all the speakers were volunteer - we didn't have much
control over their content and truthfully, didn't have editing or
critiquing control. I apologize for the sessions that weren't worthwhile,
but I think the majority of them turned out to be!
bruce -- No apoligy needed - most of us have attended many conferences
throughout the years. This was one of the better ones and it was the first
for KDA.
john-c. -- Thanks Bruce.
bruce -- Digressing a little - John M's comment about regional
get-togethers might be just the thing to support the overall program.
John, I would be interesting in chatting with you more on this subject.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
susannew -- Bruce - if you would like to take that project on (forming
regional chapters) we'd love to have your help! The fact is the KDA has
grown so much, that Terry and I cannot do it all any longer! We need help
for the KDA to grow (not just in size, but in things offered!)
murf -- bruce - it's much more personal than piggy backing on other
conferences like MDA. We need more detailed discutions on our condition.
susannew -- Murray: Which MDA conference did we piggyback on?
murf -- The first one in Chicago, or am I out to lunch?
murf -- OOPS I am that was SMA :0
susannew -- Murray: That meeting was a FSMA (Families of SMA) - not the
MDA! Its early - you probably need your first cup of coffee!
bruce -- Let John and I play with the concept a little, if that is all
right with everyone. We'll get back to you after further discussion. What
do you say Johnm?
don48312 -- bruce, i'd like to be in on that discussion for the s/e u.s.
johnm -- I'll get with you after this session.
bruce -- Great, Don, send me your email address and I'll include you in
our discussions. Thanks
don48312 --
johnm -- Bruce, my email is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
john-c. -- The idea of getting together is a great one. Thanks Bruce for
picking up on that thought.
john-c. -- The best thing for me at the conference was the meeting &
getting to know all the folks there. There's not much better than
"knowing" who you are talking with.
don48312 -- susanne, overall, the content of the sessions was
murf -- we need a spell checker on this site :)
murf -- Susanne - Good Chat!
john-c. -- Butch: are you still here?
susannew -- Terry is going to take over for me - cause he wants me to go
get - dare I say it to you all - dressed (I'm in my PJ's and after this
chat the KDA has a Board meeting - then we go to pick up our boat!!! 4
hour drive down, 4 hour drive back... ouch!)
butch -- Sure am John C. Missed your jokes.
john-c. -- I'll call you in 5-10 minutes.
susannew -- call who john?
murf -- I was up late last night myself
susannew -- Chat has 15 more min left
john-c. -- Butch
susannew -- This is Terry on the keyboard now..
don48312 -- welcome terry
john-c. -- Hi boat guy.
murf -- Morning Terry
johnm -- I thought Susanne looked different all of a sudden. LOL
butch -- Ok John. I'll be waiting.
susannew -- I was in real sad shape a week ago, i had a new KD experience.
I overdidi it so much that I could not heep my head up because my neck
muscles were wasted.
susannew -- It was from the repeated bending my neck down to look into
boxes and then lifting it back to a straight position.
don48312 -- terry, i went through a period of a year or so where i had
problems with a weak neck.
susannew -- It was terrible.
pa-paul -- Terry Good to hear you came back
susannew -- I had to use my arm to push my head back up
butch -- Terry--Isn't it terrible when you over do it and have to pay for
days. Know your limitations. But, it is hard to live within thoes
susannew -- My arms were mush, I had no strength left in them at all also.
I am getting some strenth back now that I have slowed my pace.
bruce -- Terry, you will see in my earlier comments that it took me about
three months to fully recover from our move. Fortunately, it sounds like
nothing serious happened to either of us (accidents).
john-c. -- I would die if I had to move. 25 yrs at this place. I probably
would give away 60-75% of the "treasures" accumulated.
johnm -- John-c, Boy I know what you mean about "treasures". I got rid of
a lot mine when we left Illinois.
john-c. -- All those treasure things that were/are necessities, could not
do without, sitting there waiting for the time to use them.
bruce -- Terry, I am having trouble with reading 'susannew' and then
reading your comments. For some reason it makes me chuckle. Welcome back,
susannew -- I understand, I should have changed ID's when she turned the
keyboard over to me.
john-c. -- Hope your boat is a hovercraft so you don't have to bounce a
lot. Hoiw are you getting out of it?
murf -- Is hiring moving people tax deductable for us?
susannew -- Good question murray.
susannew -- THey should make it tax deductible since we cannot move
murf -- I'll check into it and report at the conference
don48312 -- for sall the medical tax deductability questions, i would
recommend all of you get Publication 502. it is an excellant referance.
maybe pass out 502 at this years conference.
john-c. -- This year I need help all the time in the yard. How about Tax
ded. for that too, Murf?
butch -- A very good question. With your limitations about lifting and
packing, is there any help with a write-off?
murf -- I know I write of my lawn care (cutting the grass)
don48312 -- get pub 502 from friendly IRS
murf -- Don - where can I find that?...ok
john-c. -- Don: could you get 100 copies & bring them to NOLA for
don48312 -- john-c, just call IRS at local office
don48312 -- link for IRS Pubs
john-c. -- Thanks, Don
susannew -- Just to make things clear "THIS IS TERRY ON THE KEYBOARD NOW"
for those that read the chat later.
bruce -- Sure, Susanne, sure it is. How do we know you moved Terry. He
might be in some box somewhere in Los Angeles.
bruce -- Well, I have to sign off. We have company coming. It was great to
have this good of attendance again. I think it must have something to do
with the chatroom host. Have a safe, healthy and happy week. Talk (chat)
with you soon.
bruce -- {goodbye bruce}
murf -- bye Bruce
pa-paul -- good bye ALL
murf -- john's - I'll look this up if you don't object
susannew -- 5 min left.
pa-paul -- {goodbye pa-paul}
don48312 -- we have a lunch date, gotta go, good chat, bye all
murf -- bye Don
johnm -- So Long, Don.
john-c. -- Bye all: chat with you next time.
john-c. -- {goodbye john-c.}
butch -- Well, once again it was a great chat. Thanks for all the info
shared today. Hope you all stay strong and healthy till our next chat. DSo
long for now.
butch -- {goodbye butch}
murf -- Talk to you soon john-c
murf -- bye butch
susannew -- bye everyone see you in 2 weeks.
johnm -- Looks like everyone is bailing out. Chat with you all next time.
murf -- I'll have to go too. Chat with all of you later
murf -- {goodbye murf}
johnm -- {goodbye johnm}