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Kennedy's Disease Chat Transcript 06-01-02

Topics: Vacation Travel Tips

Host: Bruce Gaughran


Chat Participants: bruce 

terryw -- {welcome terryw}
bruce -- {welcome bruce}
mikeg -- {welcome mikeg}
fergi -- {welcome fergi}
terryw -- hi bruce
bruce -- Good morning, Terry
terryw -- are you ready for this?
bruce -- As ready as I will ever be.
bruce -- At 10:14 my system crashes on me while trying to print the
updated conference agenda.
terryw -- did you see my e-mail about the new shopping page?
terryw -- pretty cool huh?
bruce -- Yes, Nice job. I use Amazon quite a bit.
terryw -- its a great deal
bruce -- We are going to be in the 90's today. This past week has been hot
and humid - summer has come a little too early for me.
terryw -- same temp here bruce
terryw -- Bruce I will need to leave about 15 min before the chat end time
terryw -- the chat will end at 1/4 to the hour, its good to give warnings
about 5min prior
bruce -- Okay, I'll try to remember. I will put my Scheduler on to help
remind me.
bruce -- Are you two still considering moving to northern California?
terryw -- No Bruce,, we are staying put.
terryw -- wife started a new job
terryw -- I hope more arrive in here soon.
bruce -- Yes, Susanne said she liked what she was doing. Good for her.
terryw -- Yes she does, She gets to work out of her home office, we have 2
offices now in the house LOL
terryw -- The KDA, and hers
bruce -- I know the feeling. In February I began to work out of my home
office full time. I go into the office once every two weeks for a few
hours. I really like the freedom and the ability to wear sweats or shorts
during the day.
terryw -- Where are our people? I sent the reminder out, did you get it?
bruce -- Yes, I did. I was wondering the same thing.
bruce -- Maybe it wasn't a good topic!!!!
terryw -- hmmmmm, either way people can always talk about other things
also in the chat. Its not a strict schedule.
terryw -- If people are not interested in the chats any longer we may look
at discontinuing them.
terryw -- attendance has been dropping off lately
bruce -- It could just be the summer months. I know I was gone the last
two chat sessions - hiking (scottering) with Cindy.
terryw -- We do the chats because we want to help, but if people don't
come I would like to have my Saturdays back also.
terryw -- But I enjoy the chats
bruce -- Maybe we should look at polling the members to see if it is too
often and whether once a month would be better for this summer. Just a
terryw -- hmmm Maybe?
mikeg -- {welcome mikeg}
terryw -- Hi Mike
bruce -- I also enjoy the chats. I feel like I have got to know people by
their style of communicating. I am looking forward to meeting several of
them at the conference.
mikeg -- Greeting from SUN CITY CENTER!
bruce -- Hi Mike, welcome!
terryw -- I can't wait, The conference is going to be great
mikeg -- Paula and I are in Florida this week in a rental house.
bruce -- We are getting off to a slow start this morning. Only the three
of us on the line.
bruce -- Mike, where are you staying?
terryw -- You house looking mike?
terryw -- Is sun City on the coast?
mikeg -- Sun City Center is about 10 miles east of Tampa Bay.
bruce -- Mike, I used to live in Lakeland. My wife worked in Tampa. Great area!
mikeg -- It is - I think we're gonna really like it here.
bruce -- Mike, did you see some of the previous comments about attendance
in the chatroom? What are your thoughts?
mikeg -- Paula works with a girl that has relatives who own a house here
and they rent it out during the non-snowbird season, which is now.
mikeg -- Hang on - I'm trying to get caught up now. I hate this refresh mode...
fergi -- {welcome fergi}
terryw -- Hi Fergi
bruce -- Hello Fergi
fergi -- hi, all
bruce -- Feri, where are you located?
bruce -- Sorry, Fergi
fergi -- hello from Madrid. Today is 30º C. hot
bruce -- Is that about 90 degrees F?
mikeg -- I agree with you Bruce - it could just be the summer months. I
had totally forgotten about it until I saw Terry's reminder message.
fergi -- We are ready to start our summer vacations and will travel to the
Mediterranean coast
bruce -- Should we attempt to get started or wait a little longer?
terryw -- Lets go
bruce -- Welcome! Today's subject is Summer Vacation Getaways and Travel Ideas.
terryw -- I am buying a trifold travel ramp so I can take my electric
wheelchair with me anywhere I travel and just rent a van from any car
rental company
bruce -- The thought around this subject was to get some ideas of "cool"
places to visit that are set-up for people with special needs.
terryw -- when you rent a regular mini van from a rental car company all
you do is ask them to take out the back seats, they do that no charge
mikeg -- Can you lock the chair down to the van somehow, Terry?
terryw -- my wheels like on my chair when the motor is off
terryw -- lock
terryw -- but its not really secure for accidents
mikeg -- We have a friend in Georgia that has a pretty big chair. It has a
mechanism that screws down into the van and secures it.
bruce -- That is a neat idea, Terry. How much does the ramp weigh?
mikeg -- That's what I was wondering.
terryw -- the ramp is 7 foot long, folds in half and then in half again to
a size of 3 1/2 feet X 10" and weighs 35lbs and has a carry handle
terryw --
terryw -- that’s the link to the site
terryw -- The Multi-fold is what you need
bruce -- I just had an electric hoist installed in my van. It is great. We
had a ramp before, but the house makes life a lot better for getting the
scooter in and out of the van.
mikeg -- That's what John Mengel has here, Bruce. It really works well.
bruce -- Terry, I agree. The ramp is still something we will use.
terryw -- Look at this link to see what I am talking about
mikeg -- The ramp looks pretty good, Terry. The 10' indicates 55 lbs. Are
you sure it's only 35? I might be able to lift 35 but I KNOW I could never lift 55.
terryw -- Yes the 7 foot version is either 35 or 38 lbs
mikeg -- That I could handle. Good idea!
terryw -- I spoke with the president of the ramp company and he said to
get the 7ft minimum because shorter ramps depending on the type power
chair you have the wheels may get highsided as it begins to climb the ramp
bruce -- Our ramp is 35# (trip fold) and it is heavy for me. Cindy can handle it, however.
fergi -- I can still drive, so by moment make my trips by car.
terryw -- bruce, but wen you travel by air you are restricted to not be
able to take your electric chair and take it where you want to go. that’s
why I bought the ramp
terryw -- I will be bringing it to the conference with me
bruce -- Fergi, are their many locations along the Med that are accessible
to people that have special needs?
fergi -- Yes, of course. Now in several beaches the CRUZ ROJA, have got
a special kind of wheelchairs for handicapped people can take a bath with
total security
fergi -- My wife and I, have got a little apartment adapted for me.
without steps or any architectonical barriers
bruce -- Have any of you visited a special vacation spot in the past
couple of years that is worth noting to the group this morning? What made it special?
terryw -- I went to British Columbia, they were great for the disabled
terryw -- Victoria & Vancouver
fergi -- we are 100 meters close the beach, and the beaches in
Mediterranean sea are not too much inclines. You can walk 200 meters ahead
without problems in deep
bruce -- BC is a great place to visit. The island is fantastic -
especially the Gardens.
terryw -- Yes Bruce
bruce -- Fergi, I have trouble today with the beaches. Most of the rentals
on the east coast have long steps down to the beach. Once on the beach, I
am okay, but getting back up after walking a little while is tough.
terryw -- I want to go on a Cruise. We have never been.
terryw -- One warning, when booking a cruise I was warned to make sure
with the travel agent that Ask to make sure the ports are wheelchair accessible.
bruce -- While in Baltimore, I would recommend the National SeaQuarium if
you like this kind of stuff. It is well designed and is an enjoyable half-day outing.
terryw -- Bruce, we are arriving on Friday eve before the Conference so
Saturday we can go see Longwood Gardens
terryw -- Sunday will be 1/2 day free for us then the other have conference preparation
bruce -- Cindy and I haven't been on a cruise either even though most of
our family and friends have. I am an x-swabby and think of all the
ladders/stairs (even though I know they have elevators today).
terryw -- Las Vegas is always Handicap accessible
bruce -- Longwood Gardens - less than two hours from the BWI airport - is
great. Most of the trails and exhibits are handicap accessible. We were
just there last weekend.
fergi -- Bruce, that is an inexistent problem here. The beach is just
near the same plane with the ground normal. you can get then, with a very
little incline. The problem for me is walk over sand. I watch on TV that
in USA are developing a special wheelchair electric able to run over sand. Is that true?
terryw -- I keep dropping letters with my poor hands
bruce -- You drop the letters and I add them - oh well.
terryw -- Yes Fergi, I see them in WQuest magazine. That is the MDA's magazine
terryw -- QUEST
bruce -- Another great place on the east coast is Assateague National
Seashore and Wildlife Center. It has all kinds of trails for wheel chairs
and opens up every evening for car traffic. If you like birds, animals and
the beach - I highly recommend it.
terryw -- what state is that?
bruce -- Fergi, I have also seen the wheel chairs and scooters that are
designed for the beach. I am hoping that some places we travel to will
rent them in the future.
bruce -- Virginia and Maryland border
bruce -- Terry, it is on the spring and fall migration path for all the
Canadian and Northern US birds. This is also the place where they have the
wild horses and the annual round-up.
fergi -- The problem is that kind of vehicle for handicapped are very
expensive in Spain due all are imported.
terryw -- fergi,, any kind of Spain vehicle like a van with rear or side
access will work with one of these ramps
bruce -- Fergi, does your local MDA offer used scooter and electric chairs
(ones that were donated to them)?
terryw -- no need for custom van with special lift
fergi -- last week installed at home a stair lift and paid for it 2300 ? (+ or - US$2200)
bruce -- Ferig, how do you like the stairlift? If we decide to stay in our
home, I'll need one at some time.
fergi -- Bruce, is very good instrument for get stairs. If you give me
your e-mail address I will send you some photos about my results.
terryw -- I need an elevator in my house
bruce -- I just used the Chrysler Autombility program when they reimburse
you for up to $1,000 for the installation of needed equipment. What a
great program. I know Ford and GM also have similar programs.
fergi -- I have an electric wheelchair (POWERTEC) and the security social
in Spain, gave me 90 % of its costs.
terryw -- Bruce,, we are going to Longwood Gardens on the Saturday before
the conference if you want to join us.
terryw -- All are welcome to join us if they arrive early
bruce -- Terry, while in BC, did you visit the zoo and aquarium in
Vancouver? We are enjoyed that place.
terryw --
bruce -- Terry, that sounds good. Let me talk with Cindy about the date.
We could meet you someplace and show you the area. I'll get back to you.
terryw -- Bruce I missed those but saw almost everything else there. Got
in free some places due to me being in the wheelchair
bruce -- Fergi, bgaughr@yahoo,com Thanks
terryw -- You have to ask them for the discount though
fergi -- I bought it in England and you can auto installation (with
someone help , ) only watching a videotape include ion it. Is a kit.
fergi -- visit
terryw -- Fergi,, I don’t think my stairs are strong enough for that, my
rails are free standing, not against a wall
mikeg -- I needed an elevator in my house in Atlanta also - that's why I'm
looking at ranch houses now.
terryw -- Fergi,, that link did not work
bruce -- Mike, all of my wife's side is in the Marietta area. Where do you live?
fergi -- Bruce, this kind of stairlift is fixed only over the steps, not
organist wall. I will show you some photos
fergi -- Bruce, try to found trade-mark ACORN searching in google for
stairlifts word
bruce -- Thanks Fergi, I'll do some research on this.
bruce -- Mike, what do you enjoy doing when on vacation?
mikeg -- I used to like going to the beach but now, unless the beach is
very calm, I'm afraid of going in the water.
bruce -- Mike, we are looking for a ranch also in the northern Georgia
area - we'll retire in that area.
bruce -- Mike, that is one thing nice about the Gulf Coast. The water is
calm and warm like a bath.
mikeg -- I decided that Atlanta was too cold for me - that's why I'm
looking for homes in the Tampa area now. Coldest it gets is about 40!
terryw -- See Bruce,, There is not much to hosting the chats
bruce -- Fergi, can I assume that the Med is fairly calm? You can walk
into the water without getting flattened.
terryw -- It is getting to the point that I am very scared to go in the
water here in Calif at the beach because I have such a hard time getting
back out with the waves
mikeg -- Same with me, Terry.
mikeg -- If the sand is uneven, I fall - and then it really gets complicated!
terryw -- I am going to try a special cove this summer here in Calif where
the water is calm. Its called Paradise Cove
bruce -- Or, if the tide is going out and the sand washes out from under my feet....
terryw -- what we need at the beach is a Handicap launch ramp with a rail.
For like boats
bruce -- Where is Paradise Cove. I used to live in Huntington Beach and
dive off of LaJolla.
terryw -- Its By Malibu Beach
fergi -- Bruce, Of course I can NOT walk into the water without help. But
my wife and son, help me to introduce and after the waves and less gravity
make the rest
mikeg -- That's what I like about the Tampa area - the Gulf is like a lake
- real smooth.
terryw -- I can have the Baywatch girls help me in & out of the water :)
bruce -- LaJolla used to be the greatest spot in the 70's. I spent a lot
of my leisure time camped out there.
bruce -- Mike, you might want to check out Anna Marie Island (just south
of Tampa). It is great. There used to be a place called Fast Eddie's -
Cold food and warm Beer. The beaches are like white sugar and it is great for fishing.
terryw -- I have to go in a few minutes. I want to thank out new host
Bruce for volunteering to host.
bruce -- Well folks, are there any other great places you would like to put "on the record"?
terryw -- our new
bruce -- Terry, thanks for the support. I was happy to help out.
terryw -- Bye Bruce, Mike Fergi
mikeg -- Well, I need to go but before I do, I'd like to update everyone
on Don's status. He didn't tell anyone this but he had surgery on Tuesday
and is just now getting out of ICU. I'm sure he could use our prayers...
terryw -- 15 min left
terryw -- I did not know that Mike, Is he doing OK
mikeg -- He is fine but had some shaky periods. He will have a harder
time getting around now due to the surgery.
terryw -- Hope he gets well soon
mikeg -- He will probably be in the hospital for several more days but he
is eating now - finally - after 5 days.
terryw -- was it schedules or an emergency
bruce -- Thanks, Mike. We'll include him. My list has grown this past spring.
fergi -- Is Donald from Tampa who are you talking about?
bruce -- My typing is getting worse. Spell check normally saves me, but I
just need to slow down.
bruce -- Terry and Mike, thanks for joining us today. Fergi, we have 15
minutes left if you want to continue.
bruce -- Fergi, you said it was going to be hot in Spain today. What are
your normal summer temperatures like?
fergi -- In Madrid the highest temperatures in summertime goes to 38 or 40 º C
bruce -- That is warm. Is it humid or semi-arid?
bruce -- Fergi, I live in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area. We get up
to the mid-90's F in the summer and it is often very humid. I like spring
and fall. 10 minutes left in the chatroom.
fergi -- is dry temperature
bruce -- Dry isn't bad. I used to go to Palm Springs and it would be well
into the 100's, but it was a pleasant, dry temperature where you could
golf, play tennis, swim, etc. without any problem.
mikeg -- Bye for now. I hope everyone has a good day. Until we chat again - take care!
mikeg -- {goodbye mikeg}
bruce -- Take care and enjoy.
fergi -- ok, I am over AOL instant message every day with nick FERGIOR.,
and In MSN with This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
bruce -- I have never been to Europe. I had several chances these past few
years, but said no because of my concern with "steps" and non-handicap facilities.
fergi -- My actual Address for e-mailis This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
bruce -- Thanks, I'll write that one into the address book. I gave you my
yahoo address. I also have one at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
fergi -- You can come to my house in Madrid . Is full equipped for
handicapped. Also I have a pool 9 by 4 meters for swim
bruce -- Reminder: Five minutes left.
bruce -- What time is it in Madrid?
fergi -- now is 17.40
bruce -- Fergi, that is very generous of you. If we ever do decide to
visit Europe, we'll keep your invitation in mind. Thanks again.
bruce -- So you are six hours ahead of us. Thanks
bruce -- You said you would be leaving for the Med soon. Do you visit the
same place every year?

End Chat