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2017 Chat Room Transcripts


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DavidOhio   Hi GregF
GregF   Good morning David, how are things in Ohio
DavidOhio   We a couple of very nice days and then it was back to normal summertime temps.  A little rain last night and overcast today.  From a personal standpoint I am doing well and later today our daughter and grandson will be here from Chicago for the holiday.  How about for you?
GregF   June was a busy month. My youngest son got married last Saturday, which was awesome but I have overdone and am paying for it. but I wouldn't change a thing
GregF   The weather though has been really nice, mid 80s but its fixing to warm up
GregF   Good morning Tom
DavidOhio   I agree sometimes you just enjoy the moments and accept the aftermath as being part of life.
GregF   My wife likes to gripe at me when I do, but sometimes its just what needs to be done
DavidOhio   Good Morning TomK glad you joined us this morning.  Did you get much rain last night on your side of town?
GregF   David will your daughter get to stay long?
DavidOhio   Yes her husband's family also lives here in Lebanon and they will be here through the 4th of July!  Grandson Nate just is 7 months old as of yesterday, it is hard to believe how fast time seems to go now.
GregF   That is awesome, My daughter and her daughter are here visiting from Washington St. Her husband is in the Air Force and is over in Qatar so she came to visit while he is deployed   
TomK   Where is Qatar?
DavidOhio   On the 4th Mike's entire family will walk or run in a 5K that benefits IHNWC a non profit serving homeless families in our county.  My wife and I will be working the registration desk before the race and then I get to be with Nate in his stroller while everyone else walks or runs.
GregF   It is on the gulf next to Afghanistan  
GregF   He is a Hydraulic specialist on those big air to air refueling jets 
DavidOhio   How long will he have to remain in that area.  I am certain that weighs heavily on your daughter and granddaughter with him in the Middle East.
GregF   David it sounds like a great way to spend the 4th
ronmoffett   Hello everyone
ronmoffett   Hello everyone
GregF   He will be back the end of August. Our granddaughter is 1 1/2 and our daughter is pregnant expecting in December so this trip has been hard on him too 
TomK   Hi Ron
GregF   Good morning Ron
DavidOhio   Hi Ron how are you doing?  
ronmoffett   How are you feeling Tom ?
TomK   Ron feeling  stronger evey daay
ronmoffett   David, I am doing ok. Looking forward to a long 4th of July weekend where I am not working. How are you doing ?
DavidOhio   GregF I imagine that it is difficult for everyone in the family.  Will they remain in Washington when he returns? 
ronmoffett   Tom, glad to read this. 
TomK   Happy to be back home
GregF   Yes He is stationed at Fairchild AFB which is in Spokane  
DavidOhio   Ron, our daughter and family left Chicago to come here for the 4th of July holiday, so it will be a great joy for us this weekend also.
ronmoffett   Yes, I can imagine you are. Nothing like being at home. Very relaxing and calming
GregF   David how long of a trip is it from Chicago to your place
ronmoffett   Very nice. How is your daughter and grandson doing ? 
DavidOhio   GregF our son-in-law can do it in about 6 hours or less, we stop more frequently and it takes us about 8 hours.
GregF   David That is not a bad trip then
DavidOhio   TomK are you getting to play chase with the grandkids again or is that verboten in the house?
TomK   I chase the kids & dogs around with my wheelchair
GregF   Tom that is great; my grand kids all want to ride on grandpa's lap
DavidOhio   Ron Nate is now 7 months old and in recent pictures he looks so big!  I am sure he is going to be much harder for me to hold now but I am determined to make the best of it!
TomK   Got to GO Wife wants to go shopping
GregF   Tom have a great 4th
DavidOhio   Have a great 4th TomK, and go easy on the fifths!
TomK   Will DO
ronmoffett   Takecare Tom
ronmoffett   Greg, any plans for the 4th by you ?
DavidOhio    Well I registered us for the KD conference and booked our hotel rooms.  Anyone else planning to make the trip?
GregF   Yes I will be busy. The school will have a float in the parade and we will be selling drinks at the rodeo
DavidOhio   GregF that sounds like a lot of work and fun.  You are in Colorado, right?
GregF   David Yes in the north eastern part, Brush Co.
ronmoffett   Nice to learn David that you are going. I am not going to make it. Just too busy with work at that time to take off. Have you been to Virginia before ?
GregF   We have a great rodeo here every year on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th with a parade on the 4th and fireworks after the rodeo
ronmoffett   Greg. sounds like a lot of fun with the roseo. 
ronmoffett   meant rodeo ? Fingers are slow today
GregF   It really is, it is a points rodeo so we have contestants from all over the country and Canada here
DavidOhio   In 2005 we had July vacation at a resort off of I-70 and attended a rodeo one evening is was great time.
GregF   David that sounds fun, what town were you in?
ronmoffett   Greg - thats a big rodeo than if you have that type of draw. Very nice.
GregF   Ron yes it is I think that is why it runs for 3 days
DavidOhio   I think it was Beavercreek, I "won" an auction for an executive's vacation home as part of the charity event and we were about to invite some friend to join us.  Love visiting the mountains.  However our favorite place is Rocky Mountain National Park.  We are hoping to return to RMNP next spring.
ronmoffett   David, when you go on these trips. Are you flying or driving ?
GregF   David I have never been to the Bevercreek rodeo but I have heard that it is a good one. I like to go to RMNP as well, I don't get up there near as often as I would like
DavidOhio   Ron we are planning to drive.  We have flown into Denver many times, but I just do not enjoy air travel anymore.  We will likely plan a stop in Chicago both on the way to and from.  
DavidOhio   There is an Estes Park hotel (Deer Crest) near the main entrance to RMNP and we hope to reserve a room there again.  It is right along the Fall River, very beautiful and comfortable.
GregF   David when you were there did you have Elk looking in your window?
ronmoffett   David. I don't like flying at all either. Its just hard with the KD. If your stopped for any length of time in Chicago. Let me know. Be great to see you.
DavidOhio   GregF when we visit RMNP in 2012 I found 6 or 7 accessible trails in the park including one at Bear Lake.  We saw lots of elk but none on that property.
GregF   Bear Lake is a family tradition of ours, I have stayed in Estes several times and almost always have had Elk around
DavidOhio   I meant no elk at the hotel.  Lots of little wild creatures though.  Greg my wife really wants to see some of the spring wildflowers, is May too early for that at RMNP?
GregF   You might be ok the end of may, it all depends on how bad the winter is. Sometimes early June is better
DavidOhio   Ron will certainly let you know, I am sure we will make a trip up later this year, certainly at Thanksgiving and likely earlier as well.
ronmoffett    Ok, never sure of my work schedule and the madness. But just shoot me an e mail. Except for the rain. The weather this summer has been pretty good. Not too hot. Hopefully it will continue like this through the summer and fall..
DavidOhio   I agree and second you weather hopes, but would be very surprised if we don't hit a week or so near 100 degrees and of course very high humidity.  But it is that really hot time that makes us appreciate spring and fall weather!
GregF   Guys I have to go, have a great 4th 
ronmoffett   You too Greg
DavidOhio   Well gents I had fun chatting with you and so until next time please stay vertical! and enjoy the 4th of July celebrations.
ronmoffett   Yes. Alittle cooler weather. With just a touch of humidity is the best
ronmoffett   Yes. You too David