Kennedy's Disease Association

A Public Benefit, Non-Profit Organization

"I am glad to finally see information being made available about this disease.. THANKS for the website"

KDA Webinar Meeting


  • If this is your first time attending a meeting of this kind, we recommend that you perform the System Test to make sure that your computer is ready for a KDA Webinar Meeting.
  • Telephone Audio:  You may need to enter the access number and/or audio pin several times before it 'takes'.  When the access code is accepted you'll be prompted to enter the audio pin.  When the audio pin is accepted, the telephone info window will disappear and you will be connected to the meeting.  Your audio icon will be a telephone handset.
  • Computer Audio:  Be sure to test your headset (to make sure you can hear audio) before clicking the link to join the meeting.  If possible, you should also test the microphone to be sure it's working.  Note:  Please do not use your computer speakers with the built-in microphone (as most laptops, iPads, and tablets are configured) because this will cause undesired audio feedback.  You can always use your speakers if you only want to listen to the meeting... just mute yourself after entering the meeting.  Your audio icon will be a microphone.
  • Audio Indicators:  Next to your name you will see a microphone icon or a telephone handset icon depending on your connection type.  Note:  If using a dial-in type connection and your telephone icon has a yellow triangle on it, the system has not accepted the Audio PIN required and you will not be paired to the meeting audio.  Try clicking the yellow triangle icon and re-entering the Audio PIN displayed.  You may also switch to your computer's microphone/headset audio if desired.
  • Webcam:  If you would like, you can enable your webcam however, only 6 webcams can be displayed at one time.
  • The maximum number of attendees alowed in a KDA Webinar Meeting is 200.

Click-here-smallEnter the KDA Webinar Meeting