Kennedy's Disease Association

A Public Benefit, Non-Profit Organization

"I found the superbly informative KDA site intially by googling Kennedy's Disease. The chat rooms are very informative and inspiring."


KDA Chat Room

The chat room is for anyone who would like to discuss living with Kennedy's Disease or to learn more about Kennedy's Disease, current research and other topics of interest. 

Note: You need to be registered and logged into the KDA Website to access and participate in the KDA Chat. Click here to login. After logging in, navigate back to this page (KDA Chat Room page) and scroll to the bottom of the page.

Registration: For security, you will need to register to join the KDA Chat Room, please use the Contact Us form to request a log in user ID. Please indicate you would like to participate in the KDA Chat Room discussions and include your name, address and phone number in the fields provided. You will be sent an email confirming you have been registered.

KDA chats are scheduled for the first week of each month. Occasionally, there are guests on the chat including doctors, researchers and other professionals.

Click here to view all upcoming chats.

Time Zone Help: If you need help converting the start time to your time zone click on this link: World Time Server


The KDA Chat Room is located below

Note: You need to be logged into the KDA website before you can see the Chat Room. Click here to Login


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