Kennedy's Disease Association

A Public Benefit, Non-Profit Organization

"Back in the late 1990s, I felt alone. I had just been diagnosed with Kennedy's Disease. I came across the KDA and attended a Saturday chat. What an eye opener! There were two dozen others on the chat that were going through what I was experiencing."



Long Term Care Products

walker_-_houseTechnology for Long-Term Care focuses on products related to important care issues including assistance / nurse call, falls, wandering, incontinence, and bathing. As funding and resources permit, Technology for Long-Term Care will add more categories or "Care Issues", expand existing categories by including more products, and provide supplemental resources. Examples of future care issue categories may include lifting and transferring, medication management, mobility, assistive cognition, eating, dressing, and leisure to name a few.

Here you will find a spreadsheet that Murray Williams has put together of Mobility Aid.  Scooters, Lifts, Ramps, Chairs and various other equipment.  This spreadsheet also lists the website for the vendor and contact information.  Click on the link below to view the MS Excel spreadsheet or in PDF.

Mobility Aids-ExcelClick-here

Mobility Aids-PDFClick-here