"Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart."

(Elizabeth Andrew)


Past Fund Raising Events


Third Annual Queen Anne's Run

Won't you please support this worthy fundraising cause?  Please click the picture above go to the fundraising page. 

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Our thanks goes out to all of you who are helping us find a cure for Kennedy's Disease

Updates on Previous Fund Raising Events

Queen Anne's Race

  • The 2014 race was another great event with over 150 runners competing in this 5K run.  The event raised over $11,000. 
  • The first Queen Anne's Race was held in the spring of 2013. It was a great success.  The event raised over $13,000Read More

QueenAnne-CoakleyFamily QueenAnne-EdRunning QueenAnneStartLine

Over $21,000 raised in two years!

 The KDA sincerely thanks the Queen Anne's Race Committee for their support


Golf Tournaments


Texas Golf Tournament

The Texas team has raised over $91,000 in four years!

  • The 2014 Kennedy's Disease Golf Tournament was held in September at the Cypress Lakes Golf Club, Cypress, TX.  The event raised $32,095. 
  • The 2013 Kennedy's Disease Golf Tournament was held in September at the Cypress Lakes Golf Club, Cypress, TX.  The event raised $23,000.
  • The 2012 Kennedy's Disease Golf Tournament was held in September at the Jersey Meadow Club, Houston, TX.  The event raised $18,000. The committee members responsible for putting on this exciting event are:  Murray Williams, Johnny Farrell, Ed & Nancy Noack, Charley & Louise Goforth, Jamie Zbranek, Lori & Chillie May, Verna & Mike Hoke, and   Krissy McLaren.  Read More
  • The first Kennedy's Disease Golf Tournament was held in October, 2011 at the Jersey Meadow Club, Houston, TX.The event raised $16,000.  The core committee consisted of Murray Williams, Ed and Nancy Noack, Louise and Charley Goforth, Verna and Mike Hoke and Krissy McLaren.  Read More




New York Golf Scramble

  • The first annual Kennedy's Disease CNY Golf Scramble was held in August at the Beaver Meadows Golf Club, Phoenix, NY. The event raised $8,000.  Read More

 The KDA sincerely thanks the golf tournament fund raising teams



Rolling for a Cure!

2014: This was Bob Tudor's 3rd handcycle marathon.  He rolled on December 7th and is still receiving donations weeks later - he currently has raiseed over $8,000 in donations and his goal was $5,000.  Congratulations and Thank You, Bob!


 Click image above for Bob's 2014 fundraising page

by Bob Tudor (2013)

I am attempting my first marathon to raise money for Kennedy's Disease Association. Palm Beaches Marathon 2013.  




I was diagnosed with Kennedy's Disease eight years ago. I found handcycling two years ago as a way to improve my health. Handcycling has also given me my independence back. It allows me to be involved with physical activity without assistance.  I remember my first time riding the handcycle. After one lap around the cul-de-sac, my arms fatigued to failure. After three months, I was able to ride a mile. After another 2 months, I was able to reach three miles. I am currently riding 15-20 miles consistently.  This is my first marathon.  While my arms and shoulders are weak, I will try my best to finish the race. For all you gamblers out there, I won't win. I will finish.


Bob did finish the marathon and, although he did not win the race, he did win BIG time with donations for the KDA!  

For his first KDA fundraiser ever, Bob Tudor raised over $7,000 in donations!!!

Thank You Bob!



 Others who are racing to help find a cure

Below are just some of the special people that have helped the KDA fund research grants and educational symposiums

Ed Meyertholen ran in
several marathons including the Boston Marathon, Motorola,
and San Antonio. Read More
Beth DuVall has run three half-marathons,
the latest in May 2011.
Read More
Sean Blasko has participated in several triathlons, the latest was
the Canadian Ironman.

Read More - Ironman-Canada

Read More - Ironman-Couer d'Alene

Ed_Meyertholen_Boston_Marathon Beth_Duvall_Running Sean_Blasko_racing

Devon Perry has ridden
her bike in several races ...
most recently to help the KDA.
Read More
Dave Heraper ran a race in 2010. He ran the race two reasons: (1) to improve my own health, and, (2) to promote awareness and funding for the KDA.
Read More

Tara & Erin Mills - Running Erin's 1st Mini-Triathlon. Tara and Erin Mills met their goal of $1,000 in funds raised through sponsorships and
a bake sale.

Read More

devon_perry Dave_Heraper tara-erin3


Tom Goynes and Sandy Goynes - "Paddling for Kennedy's Disease"

Tom Goynes and his daughter, Sandy Goynes, are experienced Texas Water Safari veterans and they paddled again in 2001 in this 260-mile long river adventure. However, this time, Tom and Sandy paddled for Kennedy's Disease. They secured pledges and donations for the Kennedy's Disease Association. Tom & Sandy Finished 16th out of 119 Boats with a finish time of 51 hrs 24 min.  Read More



Others finding ways to help

  1. April 2 thru 4, 2011 - Sean Blasko held a plant and tree sale to benefit Kennedy's Disease research during the community-wide yard sale in Austin, TX
  2. May 15, 2011 - Carla and Stan Highe and family sold 'KDA muscle shirts' at the Gilmore Car Museum "Dust Off" car show and swap meet. in Kalamazoo, MI
  3. 2001 thru 2004 - John Mengel "Re-organizing Chat Transcripts for Easier Reading" - Immediately following each KDA chat, John Mengel takes the raw transcript file and cleans it up for easier reading for us all. Thank you John.
  4. Cookbook Sales
  • Annette Clipman, Anita Johnson, Vern Quimby, Chris & Jodee Coulter, and Alison Pasiuk, Susanne & Terry Waite -- "Cookbook Sales"
  • Annette Clipman, past-KDA Vice President and Director of Fundraising, was able to secure free press in her hometown for selling KDA cookbooks and Entertainment books. She also has negotiated the free printing of KDA business stationary. Click Here to see the newspaper article.
  • Anita Johnson, a member of the fundraising committee, went door-to-door with cookbooks and sold to many friends, family and co-workers.
  • Vern Quimby, a gentleman with KD, decided he could help sell cookbooks through his mobile home park's magazine, so he submitted some text and an order form instructing individuals where to send their order and check.
  • Chris & Jodee Coulter, Murray and Karol Williams and Alison Pasiuk sold multiple cookbooks to friends, family and co-workers! Susanne & Terry Waite, the KDA Founders, have sold numerous KDA cookbooks and Entertainment books to friends, family and co-workers around the country. They even set up a booth at a local Chili Cook-Off and in front of grocery stores.


KDA Business Contributors

The following businesses have contributed services or goods to the Kennedy's Disease Association.  We thank them for their support and encourage you to utilize their services as they have helped us tremendously.

Zebra Graphic Designs
Linda Stephens was the designer, developer and project lead for the new KDA website.

Robert Beyer - Website Hosting
Robert Beyer has helped to make a difference with the KDA by hosting the Kennedy's Disease Association Web site free of charge from year 2001 up until November 2002.

Duffy Design Works
The KDA would like to thank the team over at Duffy Design Works for the donation of design and web services to the KDA.  From November 2002 through 2009 Duffy Design Works hosted the website.

Andrews Papers
York, PA
(Supplied letterhead stock and envelopes at no charge)

Cadmus Professional Communications
Lancaster, PA
(Printed 12,000 KDA Brochures at no charge)

Donald Blyler Offset

Lebanon, PA
(Printed 5,000 Holiday Cards at no charge)

Evenas Graphics - Graphic Design Firm
Sherman Oaks, CA 
(Designed the KDA Logo, business cards, letterhead, envelopes, donation, holiday and thank you cards at no charge)

Hess' Graphic Works
Pequea, PA
(Produced two 5' by 2' banners for the KDA at no charge)

Halliburton Foundation Inc
Houston TX
(Giving Choices Campaign)

Honey Brook Sporting Goods - Screenprinting and Embroidery
Honey Brook, PA
(Printed 48 t-shirts and golf shirts for the KDA at no charge)

Allegra Print & Imaging - Printers
Lancaster, PA
(Printed Letterhead and Envelopes for the KDA at no charge)

Prestige Color - Printers
Lancaster, PA
(Printed Thank You card and mailing labels for the KDA at no charge)

Red Rose Awards
Lancaster, PA
(Donated an appreciation plaque at no charge)

Robert C. Miller Printing - Printers
Lititz, PA 
(Printed 2,500 business cards for the KDA at no charge)

Screen Printing Plus
Lititz, PA
(Donated and printed logo on 100 tote bags at no charge)

Whoast Inc.
Chicago, IL
(Donation of hosting the KDA website free of charge)